Winters and Carpets — Know the Double Trouble Coming Soon!

Winters and Carpets — Know the Double Trouble Coming Soon!

Did you think winters meant soft snow, leisure holidays, cheerful Christmas, cosy campouts, restful days and long snug nights? Well, let’s face the harsh reality of the twist in the story! Winter actually means — blocked roads, lots and lots of snow, wet roads, shoes full of ice and salt, lots of guests (as its holidays and festivities), too much work (to cater to the festive needs) and too many paraphernalia to host! Phew!! We are sure the list would have devastated you! But wait, there’s more! It’s the dirt and debris, and the constant wetness in your home due to it, and the unstoppable cleaning work because of guests and feasts! 

We are sure now even you feel that winters can be really taxing on you, especially if you have to clean the entire house at least five times a day and still stare at ugly patches on the floor! And then there are your carpets! The biggest troublemaker for you followed closely by winter! These two are enough to keep you on your toes the whole season and keep piling up the workload for you. But this can be avoided! By a little bit of planning and proper active actions, you can actually tackle winters and the guests and the festivities easily — and your carpet would be smiling back at you too!

 How to keep your carpets intact even during the winters?

Despite the fact that winter freshens everything around you and makes the environment cheerful, there’s a lot of trouble you can expect from the season. Not just because it can eventually drench your home exterior and interiors, but also because it’s going to bring families closer with festivities. Not that there’s anything bad about it, but the tasks and troubles are something that couldn’t be taken for granted too! Read below and relate to some of these issues, and get ready to face the situation wisely this winter!

  • Wet, drenched carpets — Snow is ultimately water, and when everything around you is covered with it, your home can be no exception! Especially, when people are coming and going to and fro from the place continuously. The carpets are bound to get wet because of wet shoes and frequently opening doors and windows. This would mean collection of salt and debris on the carpet too. This eventually leads to even stinking of the carpets, and even causes the formation of moulds in the corners. The best solution here can be making a point to keep your shoes on the shoe rack, place door mats and get your carpets cleaned professionally very often. Carpet cleaning services in Canberra like Blue cleaning group makes it a point to thoroughly clean the carpets getting rid of salt and debris immediately, along with the moulds and the harsh smell, leaving a fresh, dry and clean carpet.
  • Trampling of carpet — The constant traffic on carpets on the days during festivities and walking on it with ice clad shoes, can lead to its trampling and wearing. You can also see the carpet coming out from its original position, which again isn’t good! If your carpet is pulled away from its track strips, you will catch it in ripples or waves. The only solution here (other than replacing your carpets totally) is calling the professional carpet repairer. They’ll re-stretch the carpet, and try their best to rectify the damage.
  • Spills, stains and patches — This is something that happens even during other seasons, but winters may see it in excess. It’s because you are ready to feast always; and also sometimes the ice that enters your home with your shoes is already dirty, thus making your carpets untidy too. And the spills that tend to fall on the carpet may get hard if the heating system isn’t on and creates a huge ugly patch, that’s too difficult to tackle. Instant action against such situations and regular vacuuming throughout the area is the best solution to take this situation to your stride. You may also consider occasional steam cleaning.
  • Sticky surface of carpets — Carpets tend to get sticky and cluttered because of excess salt in the ice. This can be a total trouble to deal with. A proper detailed cleaning or steam cleaning of the carpet that totally eradicates the stickiness is mandatory every alternate day.

Your carpets turn into a total nuisance during winters. If you aren’t taking care of it in the above mentioned ways regularly, it is possible that the carpets will wear out before time, and you’ll have to replace them sooner than planned!

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