Winter Coat Time

Winter Coat Time

October has been a strange month so far, at the start of the month I was on a beach in Wales wearing flip flops and a summer dress in the 27c degree heat and just 20 days later my knuckles are turning blue if I’m out in the cold for longer than 10 minutes. I can’t get away with tights, long sleeved top and scarf anymore, it’s winter coat time folks.I found this 1980’s rust coloured jacket on the bargain rail in a charity shop for £4, it was reduced from £25 due to a huge slash in the lining but it took me all of 15mins to hand sew it back to perfection. I liked the coat instantly because I have a thing for neck ties, especially because you can play around with them and change the look of the coat by tying it in different ways or leaving it loose. I also liked that it sat nicely both closed and opened plus there’s plenty of room for jumpers underneath as we stumble further into winter. Another pro were the deep pockets for my gloves and ipod – am I the only one who ends up in a tangle of wires if they put their ipod in their bag? Nope? Just me?

//Brown skirt, ebay – £2.49 (as worn here)// Floral top, bootsale 25p// Striped tights, M&S – £8// Bag, H&M via charity shop – £3.95 (as seen here)// Brown boots, New Look sale – £5 (as worn here)//
Have you bought your winter coat yet? Do you plan to buy a second hand coat?

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