Why Should You Get A Home Inspection Done?

Why Should You Get A Home Inspection Done?

A home inspection is the overall examination of the condition of a house. Purchasing or renting a house is not an investment you engage in every other month, or every other year for that matter. It’s an expensive affair where you don’t want to take any risks. Therefore, it becomes essential to get aware of what bargain you are actually entering into. A home inspection done by a certified home inspector is a handy way of determining the age and life of the house you are interested in. You can always consider getting it done from home inspection Ottawa.

Why Get a Home Inspection

  •         For a seller, getting a home inspection done helps estimate the value of the property after which he/she can get the required repairs done  and put the house for sale in market, demanding its right price. It also helps the seller maintain his claims about the house’s safety as he will have the inspection report as concrete document for proof.
  •         There might be more to the house than what meets the eye in the shape of the brightly painted walls and fancy furniture. Some problems begin to surface only after you start living in the house. The house might demand repairs every now and then. Entering into such a deal feels almost like being cheated upon.  The apparent condition of a house might look good but an expert’s trained eye will help recognise the major and minor defects in the house so that you don’t suffer later. The buyer can then negotiate terms of the purchase before the closing. In case the defects that surface are too major to be negotiated upon, the buyer can save himself/herself from a costly mistake by walking out before the deal is sealed.
  •         A typical home inspection takes around 2-5 hours depending on the size and age of the house. A general inspection involves examination of the roof, exterior, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, interior, ventilation and insulation. The home inspector also tests the house for termite and ant infestation. All this helps determine the shelf- life of your appliances and also determine how safe your existing or potential home actually is.
  •         Another important inspection to get done for a comfortable and healthy long term residence is septic tank testing and well water testing.
  •         It also tests and helps reveal safety issues like radon which is a radioactive element, and carbon monoxide levels.  Radon occurs naturally in some areas and it is hazardous to health. A radon test takes 2-7 days. The home inspector can suggest ways to alleviate it if radon is found in alarming quantity.
  •         People who have been living in a house for long show interest in getting a home inspection so that they can make repairs and refurbish their home for a comfortable stay in the future, too.

In countries like Canada, home inspectors are licenced by the state. In other countries too, people have begun using the service of home inspection before buying houses. Investors are increasingly opting for home inspection in order to make informed decisions. Although, a home inspector can’t help one determine the real estate value of a house but one gets insight into its condition. Thus, putting the purchaser’s doubts at rest. Apart from that, get septic pump testing as well in your existing or potential house. You can always consider septic pumping Ottawa.

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