Why do I want to be organised? | 15 DAYS TO AN ORGANISED NEW YOU – DAY 1

Why do I want to be organised? | 15 DAYS TO AN ORGANISED NEW YOU – DAY 1

Before we get cracking with some specific organisation tasks I want you to do a bit of homework. Don’t worry I won’t be grading you or leaving comments with a big red pen.Firstly ask yourself this simple question – WHY DO I WANT TO BE ORGANISED?

Honestly why? Why do you currently feel the need to become an organised person? Do you often feel the urge to spend hideous amounts of money on containers and file dividers, why oh why? Have you at any point in your life spent months trying to sort out your shit and ended up back at square one? If so why continue? You’re still alive, you’ve survived as a human without labelling everything in sight – so why do you want to become organised?Secondly – WHICH ELEMENTS OF DISORGANISATION TRIP YOU UP ON A DAILY BASIS?

These are often small little things such as forgetting to take the rubbish out to the bin, forgetting to take a bag to the supermarket, missing the train and having to wait 5 minutes for the next, spending an age rifling through your handbag, or worse emptying it out on a table in public trying to find that certain something you need. Not huge problems but they can give you small unnecessary  ‘grrr moments’ throughout the day.Third – WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM MY LIFE BECOMING ORGANISED?

I always find when embarking on a new lifestyle or even changing something small in my life, that I feel more positive about it when I start to see the benefits of my actions but also when I realise that others may do too.Who will benefit in your life?Will your children make it to school on time? Will you spend less time fighting with your partner about your home being a disaster zone?Will your work colleagues find their load is lightened as you manage your time and space?

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1. Below in the comments section or just in your note book at home, I want you to write down one reason you’d like to become a more organised person.

2. Again in the comments or in your note book write down the 3 key areas you find organisation lacking on a daily basis. Sure it might be missing from every element in your life but which three areas impact you on a daily basis.

3. Write down the name of one person who will benefit from you embracing organisation.