What’S In My Weekend Away Make Up Bag

What’S In My Weekend Away Make Up Bag

We’ve just come back from a lovely weekend away with family so after pulling out my toothbrush and toothpaste I thought I’d spill out the contents of my thrifty make up and wash bag because I know you’re nosy like that. FYI the make up bag is a Soap and Glory bag I got from a gift set at Christmas a few years back


I picked up this foundation when Superdrug were running a Bourjois offer earlier in the year. I think it was buy one, get one half price and I picked up the wonderful Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum at the same time. This light foundation illuminates my skin and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m wearing a mask. It’s easy to build coverage with fingers or a brush and it lasts on my skin for a really long time. I picked this up as part of the Boots 3 for 2 on cosmetics recently along with a couple of birthday bits for a friend.  Could this be the best budget under eye concealer? Quite possibly! With its weird little sponge applicator it erases dark circles flawlessly meaning it’s great for covering up the signs of late nights. Another great plus point is this product doesn’t settle in the fine lines around my eyes. I think 8 eyeshadows at £2.50 is a pretty good deal!It has a big and useful mirror and 8 shades which can take me from day to night in an instant.

This tiny little package is easy to slip in to even the most jam packed bag and it’s well worth it because it gives and instant glow for only £1.99. Super softening and deliciously scented, you can pick this up anywhere and is well worth picking up. A ‘your lips but better’ shade which stays on for a surprisingly long time for a £1 product! This shade can look really subtle with one layer but it can soon become a bit more ‘evening’ with a second coat. Plus if you’re not a powder blusher kinda gal this lipstick can work double time applied to your cheeks and smudged out. I applied the base shades with my fingers and then took one of these cheap as chips ELF blending brushes to blend through the crease. I always wait for ELF to offer one of their 50 or 60% off sales and stock up on their brushes.

These eyeliners are nothing short of excellent value for their price (£1 for a 2 pack) and are easy to throw into your make up bag for a weekend away. You can go for a very precise look or smudge our for a more evening look. This brush is seriously useful for applying either foundation, blusher or even highlighter. I picked it up in a set of 4 brushes which only cost £1.99 and are an awful lot like Real Techniques brushes. You can see more on. This £3 mascara gives you so much control and enables you to opt for either a seriously subtle look or an extraordinary faux lash look with next to no effort. It’s a fab product for a weekend away when you may want a more subtle look during the day but something bigger in the evening without having to bring two products.


This gets my make up off and soothes my skin without any hassle. It’s a great dupe for more expensive hot cloth cleansers and even though it’s a bit bulky to take away for a weekend, I always manage to squeeze it in because my skin is sad without it.  I only ever buy this when it is on offer. Usually once every 3 months it drops down to half price and I stock up on a few boxes.

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Hair clip

Instantly keeps my hair out of my face be it during a shower, when I’m taking may make up off or indeed when I’m putting it on. I picked up a packet of these clips for less than £1 in a local bargain shop and couldn’t be without them.

White flannel 

This is just a plain old white flannel I picked up from either Ikea or Home Bargains. They are dirt cheap and endlessly useful. I used to use the muslin cloth which comes with my hot cloth cleanser but I’ve found a flannel is far gentler on my easy to inflame face. A really basic roll on. I found these reduced to about 60p in a supermarket about a year ago so I’m slowly working my way through my stockpile of them. This is an easy, no hassle oil to smooth into my face after cleansing at the end of the day. I mainly packed it because I didn’t have room for my night cream and because our house isn’t organised after moving I couldn’t find the little pots I use to decant products into. It is often marked down to half price and I’ll pick up a couple if I spot it on offer.

When I go away for the weekend I’ll always take any samples I have sitting around. I can’t seem to open a magazine, visit department store or Boots without coming home with a fist full of free samples so it seems silly not to put them to use. This foundation was ‘meh’ to me but honestly 2 days isn’t long enough to give it a fair try, also – I probably wouldn’t spend £23 on a face cream. It’s so soft on the skin I felt I could get away without bringing body lotion if I bought this. My skin is so dry this probably isn’t something I could do in the long run but for a weekend it’s fine. Again another sample size which was enough for both me and Mr Thrifty for a weekend away. I don’t really have any opinions on this shampoo other than it got my hair clean. I used to use this primer on a regular basis but £25.00 primer isn’t in my budget any more, however nearly every magazine I buy has a sample of this in, so it’s always a winner for a weekend away or a special occasion. I also have no idea why this ended up in the skin care and bathing photo rather than make up!


A few little things I always carry in my handbag anyway but if they weren’t they are the type of thing you’d pack for weekend away. This body spray is amazing and never costs me more than £2! The scent sticks around for ages meaning I don’t need to bring pefume. I just buy which ever brand is on offer and make sure they are glued to my side. I picked this mini hand bag size sunscreen up in Boots for half price a few weeks ago (I can’t find this exact product and size on their website but they seem to have a lot of good deals on sun protection at the moment) so I can always have it on me. My skin burns very quickly and I want to make sure I can always top up when I’m out and about.