What to pack and buy for university

What to pack and buy for university

Geting and money in general whilst at university, so if you have advice with regards to that – save it for that post. If you can’t view the embedded version you can click over to  Excuse the bad quality – the handyman for our flats was right outside my window at the only time I had to film these videos so I had to draw the curtains and use artificial light. He also knocked on my door to ask if  ‘everything is OK’ – haha I should say, when I was a university I was a financial disaster zone which is one of the reasons A Thrifty Mrs came into being. I wish someone had told me what to pack, what I’d need and what I wouldn’t need before I packed up and moved across the country. I’ve made a series of videos and above is part one – what to pack for university but I’ve also made a list below of what I’d really recommend buying/stashing away.

Here’s what I’ve learnt and what to pack.


Stock up on your favourites now. Seen a great deal? Squirrel them away!

Shower gel
Face lotions and potions
Condoms – although most unions hand these out for free (well worth having a stash to start with though!)

Cleaning and household

Loo roll
Washing powder
Multi-purpose spray – make your own
Cleaning sponges
A few dinner plates
Knives and forks
Saucepan x2
Frying pan
Baking tray
Corkscrew/bottle opener
Wooden spoon
Washing up liquid
Tea Towels
Sharp knife
Chopping board

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I’m a stationery geek, I love the stuff but it can really set you back financially. Look at what you already have. Repurpose and reuse things, don’t buy a fancy pencil case – most people just sling a couple of biros in their bag.
It is also well worth checking the reading list before you go and seeing if you can get your hands on a second hand or reduced cost copy of vital books. Buy second hand from eBay, your uni forum or Facebook page and second hand book sites such as.

Plastic wallets – use your old ones
Arch leaver folder
Biros – use old ones
Post in notes
USB sticks
A4 paper – LOTS
Coloured plastic wallets


Your favourite ketchup/mustard/brown sauce etc.
Spices – add flavour to the most dull of meals
Part baked bread rolls – once I discovered Aldi sold these for about 30p I was all set for lunches.
Tinned soup
Baked beans
Tinned tuna
Oxo cubes
Jelly – so much jelly
Cheap noodles
Cous cous
Tinned tomatoes

Your room

Photos from home
Lamps or fairy lights
Posters or artwork
Blue tack and drawing pins
Blankets and throws
Small area rug
You may want to consider a small clothes horse


Fancy dress
20p pieces for the laundrette or photocopier
Cold and flu medicine