Wedding Invitation Card | Design Wedding Invitation On Mobile Phones

Wedding invitations are one of the most prime wedding decisions. They do not just notify the guests about the impending wedding, but also inform them about the following things:

  • Your wedding style (formal or informal),
  • Your wedding location (destination wedding, local wedding, church, park, etc.),
  • Your personal style (contemporary or traditional)
  • Your wedding theme

We all know about the purpose of an invitation card, the meaning is in the name, and it tells you that it has something to do with inviting a person! Technology is progressing continuously in recent years. Now, the question is whether you should go for a digital card or paper printed card?

Traditional invitation cards are not just boring in this era but also take much time and effort to prepare. Moreover, they can be costly too. Another major con of paper invitations is about conventional designers. It’s challenging to find a good designer near you, and if you go for a less famous designer you will probably get the worst designs just by wasting a lot of money!

It’s time to say goodbye to generic and traditional invitation cards that will easily be forgotten. Just choose a template, add your details, customize the images, colors, fonts, and styles according to your choice. Do you have something specific in mind? Then design from scratch. You can do all this by using a proper wedding invitation maker application.

An invitation card maker application digitalized your world you can instantly share it with your loved ones and using of it is not a rocket science at all. Just go to play store and download this app, select a template of your choice, and design your wedding card for free in few minutes.

Usage of Invitation Card Maker and Their Benefits

So we believe that after reading the above-mentioned cons of conventional paper wedding card design, you will understand how unpleasant they can be! But still, if you want to know the benefits of inviting card maker apps, then you should read the following points so we will be able to help you quickly!

  • Modern and Novel approach

An invite maker app, or we can say party invitation card maker gives a more novel and stylish look. It can be considered a more attractive way to attract someone for your wedding or parties. Using a good invite card maker, can give a new classy look to your wedding beginnings.

  • Time and Effort Savior

Using a party invitation card maker is always a faster approach and saves time. It just not speeds up the whole process but also minimizes effort. Users can have an attractive and desired invitation card in a matter of minutes.

  •  Accessibility

Raise your hand if you ever face accessibility issues. It might have happened with all of us. Invite maker app solves this problem too. Users can operate the app by just connecting to the internet and can easily make invitations anytime, anywhere. Invite card maker app provides 24/7 access.

  • Cost-effective Technique
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Online invitations eliminate costs like papers and printing etc. Moreover, it also reduces travel and delivery costs. Users can send online invitations easily.

  •  Unlimited Designs

You will not be limited to designs as you can create any of your own choices! You can choose and edit your desired templates while using the invite maker app and can choose from hundreds and thousands of templates available in the app.

  •  Free of Cost

Many invite card maker apps are available free of charge. You can get your favorite designs without paying a single penny. However, many apps also offer a premium version. Users can purchase app too to get more templates and extra services.

  • Templates Available for All Events

Invite card maker app not only provides wedding-related templates; such apps usually provide variety in templates in almost all domains, like parties, holidays, professional events and Farewells, etc. So the user can have an invitation card of his/her desired activity.

  •  A more secure Approach

Paper-printing is impossible to change or update. In case of any wrongly added text, all effort goes in vain. Cost also cannot be recovered for such a situation. On the other hand, by using an invite card maker free app, the user can update his/her invitation as many times as required. So it’s a more practical approach for sure.

 Customize Your Invitation in Following Simple Steps:

  • Select template, whether from your mobile gallery or stock library of app.
  • Customize font style and size according to your requirement.
  • Change background if required.
  •  Apply filters and overlays as needed.
  • Save it

 Mostly all apps provide features mentioned above. Many apps offer more features, too, in their premium plans. Users can select a free version or premium one according to his/her requirement.

The following are some well-known invitation maker apps.

  • Canva
  • Invitation maker free, paperless card creator
  • Smile Box
  • Evite


By moving with the world’s pace, you may realize that there are numerous techniques to learn and perform strategically, which can help you a lot with your daily life activities. Invite card maker app is an excellent option as compared to conventional paper invitations. Digital online invitations just do not look trendy and novel, but also provide a cost-effective solution. So choose an invite card maker app wisely and select the one which suits you the best.