Wearing The Husband’s Clothes

Wearing The Husband’s Clothes

Mr Thrifty has a huge collection of t-shirts. Huge. Honestly, huge. Band t-shirts, retro t-shirts and vintage t-shirts more than we can store in his wardrobe and drawers, so much so that lots of them live in a huge suitcase under the spare bed. Addiction.

So it seems fair to me, seeing that I wash his clothes, make his dinner and allow him to spend time with me (ahem) that I get to wear some of these cool t-shirts every now and then. Even if my boobs do tend to fill them more than he does.

Pleated skirt as worn here – £1.95 // Mr Thrifty’s vintage t-shirt – £2 Vintage sale // Peter Pan collar made by my lovely friend after I moaned about my sewing skills until she listened  // Butterfly cardigan –  50p bootsale // Shoes as worn here, Primark – £12 // Tights – £2 M&S // Handbag as seen here – 75p charity shop // Umbrella – gift

Teamed with a detachable Peter Pan collar, a man’s t-shirt can become cute, feminine and funky. Go forth and extend your wardrobe/rob the man in your life of his clothes.

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