Is It Possible For Home Inspectors To Walk On Roofs During The Inspection Process? Learn More

Is It Possible For Home Inspectors To Walk On Roofs During The Inspection Process? Learn More

It should come as no surprise that prospective home buyers are always the first in noticing obvious defects on a house’s exterior. These include the condition of the landscaping, front door, color of siding or stucco, and the like. However, roof systems get the minimum amount of attention from buyers even though roofs play a critical role in protecting the home’s entire structure. Such is the reason why roof inspections are incredibly important.

While you might be wondering – do home inspectors walk on rooftops for roof inspection? Well, the answer is yes. The roof acts as the first line of defense between the external weather agents and your interior environment. If the condition of a house’s roof is in a bad shape, then it can turn out to be an expensive issue for the buyer. That’s why it’s essential for prospective buyers to know the condition of rooftops before penning the contract.

Climbing On Roof Tops

According to professional services for a home inspection in Rochester NY, home inspectors routinely climb on top of roofs for inspection, using simple climbing ladders. Inspectors check for roof leaks, any defective areas, or issues with the sturdiness of the structure.

However, like everything in this world, this process comes with its fair share of demerits. Home inspectors climbing on rooftops will always be at risk of injuries or worse, death, due to a fall or slip from the rooftop – either due to dampness making the place slippery or high-velocity winds. Moreover, if any home inspector is scared of heights, then this process is definitely unusable.

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The good news is that – home inspectors have found a way to mitigate such a problem. Nowadays, you’d rarely see home inspectors climbing on rooftops and instead use a pair of binoculars to inspect the defects from the ground level.

The Significance Of Roof Inspections

The various roofing materials that are used on rooftops such as tiles, shingles, metal equipment, and the like, help in keeping out the heat during the summer season, rain during the monsoon season, and snow during the winter season. So, even if there’s a small issue with the roof, the entire home structure can be put into jeopardy. For instance, if there’s a roof leakage, then a small drip will catapult into something bigger such as water seepage, dampness, and so on. All it takes a single issue to snowball into something bigger and problematic.

The above-mentioned scenarios are the reasons why it’s an absolute necessity to get your rooftops inspected by a home inspector for any faults or defects so that the same can be solved at an earlier date.