Vintage Marmalade Jars

Vintage Marmalade Jars

Vintage marmalade jars are some of my favourite thrifty finds and we have them dotted throughout the house, employed in essential tasks. We have about half a dozen James Keiller marmalade jars in a standard small size and two in a larger size and paid no more than 50p per piece. The design is never the same twice, seeing the company journey through the years, slight name changes and awards. Condition ranges from near perfect to battered-old-wreck but they are so beautiful and useful I struggle not to snatch them up when I spot them.

Throughout our flat they house regularly used cutlery, pens and pencils and even hairbrushes, combs and make up brushes in our bedroom. I go through phases of tripping over these in charity shops or bootsales or not seeing them at all for 6 months to a year. Do they summer in the Hamptons or something? I’ve always wanted to say ‘summer in the Hamptons, dahlink.’ I’ve spotted quite a few on eBay but the postage price puts me off.

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