Ubereats Clone – Bring Revolution To Your Food Delivery Business

Ubereats Clone – Bring Revolution To Your Food Delivery Business

On-demand food delivery apps have become part of our lives. Every food delivery app is competing for being unique; instead of making a new on-demand app for your food delivery business right from scratch why not clone a successful business model like Uber eats. Ubereats clone app is a perfect solution to upgrade your online food delivery business.

What Is Ubereats Clone App?

UberEats clone is an app replicated from the original “UbearEats” concept that is designed to deliver on-demand food delivery to the people in minutes. This online ordering has all the essential features and advance level module that helps the entrepreneur run their food delivery business in much more efficient ways. 

It is an excellent on-demand app solution that has shown promising results in the past and has all the attributes to stand out in this tough competition. The app comes equipped with the modules like: 

  • Dedicated delivery provider app and user app compatible on iOS and Android platforms. 
  • The app has all the required features to streamline your food delivery business 
  • There is a separate admin panel that lets you monitor your entire business activities remotely. 
  • The app has a “Contactless delivery” option available
  • Real-time tracking facility

The Workflow of the UberEats Clone App

From the user side

  • The app lets the user login and registers using their social media account, phone number, or email id
  • The home page will have a list of restaurants neatly categorized based on their food specialties such as Thai, Chinese, Vegan, etc.
  • The advanced search feature lets the user explore the options based on ratings, pricing, cuisine, location, etc.
  • The user can add the items to the cart and proceed further with the payment
  • The app allows the user to choose the delivery option – self-pickup, normal delivery, contactless delivery
  • After getting the order confirmed, the user can check the order on a real-time basis
  • Orders get delivered by the delivery driver
  • Give feedback/ratings
  • Generates invoice

From the Restaurant side

The partnered restaurant will log in register using social media login adding their restaurant and personal details and which type of food delivery they will provide

The admin approves them and makes them visible so that they can start their business

Once the restaurant gets the order and confirms, the customer gets the same confirmation from the restaurant about their order confirmation

Depending on the type of delivery, the user will go for the self-pickup or the restaurant owner will assign the delivery to the delivery driver

The user can see the update in the status about “delivery being picked”

From the delivery driver-side

  • Once the delivery driver picks up the order, the user can trace the order on a real-time basis
  • The delivery driver picks up the order and makes the delivery to the user’s location
  • Order delivery is completed
  • The user gives feedback to the delivery driver and the restaurant both

Ubereats Clone – Inspired From the Top Line Of On-Demand Food Delivery App

Ubereats clone app is a dynamic clone script that comes equipped with scalable code and a simple design. Ideal for your on-demand food delivery business, it is compatible for Android and iOS platforms. Build on the state of the art open-source code, the app supports 10 different currencies as well as multi-language support.

Ubereats Clone app, the food delivery software will include:

  • User iOS app
  • Delivery driver iOS app
  • Restaurant iOS app
  • User Android app
  • Delivery driver Android app
  • Restaurant Android app
  • The main website for food ordering
  • User web panel
  • Delivery driver web panel
  • Restaurant web panel
  • Billing panel
  • Dispatcher panel
  • Administrator web panel that manages – Customer, Restaurants, Payments, Commissions, Delivery driver, etc.

UberEats Clone App Development 

Before you take the plunge, you must do the research work that includes the type of business model you wish to make, the niche market you wish to serve, know your customers, etc. This will give you the clarity of the features you wish to customized when buying the white label UberEats clone app. The mobile app development team will further assist you with the demo video. Once you give them a thumbs up they will start their process of developing the app suiting your business requirements. The team takes care of your entire app development journey from development to launching the app to App Store/Play Store. Connect with a white-label mobile app development company now.

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