Top Video Editing Softwares That Give Your Home Movies A Professional Finish!

Top Video Editing Softwares That Give Your Home Movies A Professional Finish!

If you love making home movies, documentaries, and even short videos for social media but don’t have professional editing skills, there’s good news for you. The market is rife with easy-to-use editing softwares and platforms that give your videos a professional finish. 

Paying attention to detail, and adding more layers and elements to your videos, with the help of these software, will help you take your video-making skills to the next level. 

Your videos will reach a wider audience, your social media will gain more followers, and who knows, perhaps you can successfully grow an alternative career! 

So, here’s a look at some of the platforms that make it really easy to bring your video ideas to fruition.

1. VideoCreek

This free platform’s slick interface makes it easy to edit all genres of videos – from birthday wishes videos and Halloween themes to fictional stories and professional videos. The interface on allows you to add text, music, animations, and transitions. You can also choose from a collection of stickers, icons, and emojis to add those fun, personable touches.

Once your video is ready, you can preview it, make changes, if any, and proceed to upload and blast out to your social media, emails, or your contact lists. Its online video editor empowers you to make videos for all social platforms. 

2. VideoPad

This is a great software solution to consider if you are a YouTube Vlogger. It lets you access 360-degree camera editing, as well as has features like multi-cam editing. Another interesting add-on is motion tracking. One can download a free version, as well as more feature-rich ones for the best results. For example, if you want to access the unlimited tracks, then a commercial package gives you more choices. 

3. CyberLink PowerDirector 18 

This is a great video editing software option if you’re a Windows user. It offers a large variety of special effects you can play with and is easy for those with basic editing skills to use. It also allows you to edit and export video in a social-app-friendly 1:1 ratio. It has several packages you can choose from, based on the features you’re looking for as well as the budget. 

4. Apple iMovie

This software is also a great option for wannabe filmmakers, as it lets you integrate several elements to make a professional-looking video. This includes professional trailers, special effects, themes, and an easy-to-learn interface. Editing is a simple process, and the most recent updates also allow you to upload to some social platforms.

5. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate  

If you want to make simple videos, this easy-to-use app allows you to do it quickly, without the need for too much tech knowledge. It comes with a larger set of tools, 360-degree video editing, and multi camera editing support. You can also play with over 2000 effects, 3D text editing, as well as use lens-correction tools to improve the quality of the footage.

6. HitFilm Express 14

This software comes packed with several tools and works with Macs and personal computers. It has an inexpensive starter packager, with perks like color editing tools, dark themes, a vertical video supporter, etc. You can access more features and functionalities if you take add-on packs. This includes visual effects, 360-degree videos, etc.  

7. Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 

This is a user-friendly software solution with pretty sophisticated features that can help you take the quality of your home video to the next level. One of its perks is the Guided Edits feature, which helps new film-makers navigate the software, techniques, and hacks easily and produce higher quality videos. Adobe has also imported in its latest version to make the editing process simple. However, a few features like 360-degree video editing and multicam editing are missing. 

Tips To Make Your Home Video Rock

Once you’ve settled on a theme, here are some pointers to get it right:

  • Make sure you plan the footage well. Sometimes, it’s also good to be spontaneous. But storytelling does need planning and proper execution.
  • Make sure your camera angles are well-shot, and there are no awkward looking shots unless that’s the look you’re going for.
  • If your video has sound, make sure it is captured well and that the voices, music, and other ambient sounds can be clearly heard. When you get to the editing, make sure that the entire video has a vibe, mood, and editing language about it to make it look like one coherent story.
  • Make it quirky, fast-paced, and smooth by taking advantage of the effects, animations, transitions that come with the editing softwares.
  • When adding soundtracks and effects, it should have a coherent flow as well as the right sound levels.
  • Featuring credits will give it a professional look, too.
  • Inviting people to feature in your home videos will also create excitement and add to the virality factor.

Promoting Your Videos 

A good editing software empowers you to upload all your videos to instantly your social media, email, and phone contacts. This enables you to promote your videos to all your social pages and create more visibility for them. 

  • Encourage your followers and fans, friends, and family to give feedback, as this will empower you to be a better video maker. Sometimes it may not be what you expect to hear, but constructive criticism will help you improve your craft.
  • Engage with people on social media, and start new conversations, triggered by your videos!
  • Seek out collaborators who bring creativity and new ideas to the table
  • Participating in amateur home video festivals will help your work reach a larger audience and grow your influence as a filmmaker.

Practice Makes Perfect

Filmmaking or video making like any other art and craft form takes practice and persistence. By continuously making more and more home videos, you can improve your craft and also grow your own signature style as a film-maker. You may be able to turn your passion into a vocation, or just leverage videos as a way to tell stories, give vent to your creativity and build your own identity as a creator and filmmaker. Click here to read more.


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