Top of The Blogs

Top of The Blogs

Hello, hello, hello, how are you? How’s it hangin’? What is THE NEWS? Alright, I’ll get on with it.

Top of The Blogs is back and starting this week with the formidable Bangs and a Bun talking about blogger rivalry in her piece Blog Wars. If you heard someone clapping, rather loudly actually, earlier this week that would have been me slapping my hands together in agreement. You can check out both Bangs and moi chatting blogs Tuesday 9pm (UK) over on the twitter hashtag #BlogDebate feel free to stick your oar in.

I’ve recently discovered blogger, Betty Bee and had to share her vintage cake stand tutorial with all of you. You’ll LOVE it. Pink Bow, the prettiest (without being sickly) blog in the world (tru fax sista) is showcasing the prettiest of recent pink finds. Her photography skills will make you sick with jealousy.

All images are taken from the respective blogger’s website, taken with permission. Find them here –

// Bangs and a Bun // Betty Bee Vintage // Pink Bow //

Have you read or written an interesting blog post this week? Feel free to share them below.


P.S. Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post. I’m still feeling fragile but I’m doing a lot better.

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