Top 3 Iconic Sunglasses Trends and Which One Should You Buy

Top 3 Iconic Sunglasses Trends and Which One Should You Buy

If buying a pair of designer sunglasses seems like a task to you, fret not, because we’re here for you! Choosing a pair of trendy sunglasses can be overwhelming, so cut yourself some slack and try our list of recommendations. But begin with reading on.

Ask Yourself ‘the Question’.

No, we are not asking you to find your Ikigai or your calling in life, we’re asking you to ask yourself the question. ‘ What purpose will a pair of trendy sunglasses serve?’ Think clearly about the answer to this question because this determines where you go from here! Trendy sunglasses matter, but not more than what you want! 

Now that you have an answer, see what we recommend for you!

Wayfarers for the Functional Folks!

If you’re someone focused on functionality and don’t care about the looks, you’re one of the rare few! In a world where lists of fashion magazines dictate style choices, you’re different because you’re buying sunglasses that are more functional than designer. 

The first thing we’d suggest you is to geek out on the specifications of all sunglasses that make your list. And you already know this but protection from UV-A and UV-B rays is a must for your sunglasses as is the durability! Find frames that are firm and won’t crack if you accidentally drop them. 

If you’re going to wear your sunglasses every time you leave your house for a walk or a run, we’d suggest you buy a pair of classic wayfarer sunglasses. Investment in a pair of polarized wayfarers from Specscart that can be optimized for prescription sounds the best, doesn’t it? 

Tom Archer’s because Fashion Dictates You.

Are you buying trendy sunglasses because you’re a fashion follower? Some of our recommendations coming right up for you!

As an avid follower of trends, a know-it-all of designer brands, you don’t need to be educated on the popularity of grandma sunglasses with exquisite chains, tiny sunglasses, and the futuristic sunglasses that look like something out of a sci-fi movie. 

But we do have to warn you! Although tiny frames seem to be more than popular, we as your well-wishers wouldn’t recommend them if you protect your eyes. That’s because frames tinier than your eyes expose you to the UV light. So, try and save those up for an indoorsy event where you’re not letting the UV light enter your eye! 

And there is some more advice for you! While having one of those grandma chains that clutch onto your sunglasses would perfectly complement a scarf, having something different is sure to spice things up. Oh, by the way, how does the brand Tom Archer sound? Not familiar with it, get one of their trendy sunglasses from Specscart now!

Aviators for those Worried about the Looks!

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Even if you’re a little bit concerned about how a pair of sunglasses look on you, you should make sure to read a face shape guide and which kind of sunglasses will suit you the best. Have no patience for doing that? Skip to aviator sunglasses. Originally intended for pilots flying, these sunglasses have been in trend for long and are not getting out of race anytime soon! Although if you don’t want a pair of regular aviators, you can always switch things a bit and get some out-of-the-box aviator designs and frames from Specscart. We know you’re going to love them!

Cat Eyes Never Go Out of Style!

Trends come and trends go. But cat-eye sunglasses are here to remain. And their versatility makes them the perfect option for people who want a little bit of everything. Pair them up with anything and they’re ready to roll! If cat-eyes never caught your fancy, a look at Specscart collection is sure to leave you thinking otherwise!

This is all the advice we have. Remember, be it sunglasses or style accessories, the choice is always yours!