Thinking About Installing a Drywall at Home? Know Its Pros and Cons First!

Thinking About Installing a Drywall at Home? Know Its Pros and Cons First!

Whether it’s a nice, new ceiling that you desire, or a clear partition between two rooms, dry walls are perfect solutions for such interior demands. The dry walls, also known as gypsum boards or sheet rocks, don’t require any introduction. You would see them everywhere — used very commonly in the interior designs. And this may be the reason why even you are tempted to add them to your home. Not bad! But do know its benefits and drawbacks first.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Gypsum Board!

If you know a good plasterer or an expert in Gib fixing in Auckland like FQS Interior, then most probably you won’t have any issues in the quick installation of drywall. They are the most reliable gypsum board providers in the city and know the perfect way to install the same in your property.

1. Pros of drywall installations — Drywalls can prove to be an excellent addition to your home because of the following listed poi

  • It is super quick to install — Dry walls are considered as the quickest solution for a ceiling, partition, etc. The manufacturers just bring it at your property and fix them without much issue.
  • They can be painted on perfectly—Dry walls accept paint on it welcomingly. Just coat your favourite shade after its installation and you won’t believe that adding this part to your home was so easy.
  • It’s highly fire resistant— As you know dry walls consist of gypsum. Well, this is highly fire-resistant material and therefore makes it the safest choice for your home.
  • It is a pretty cost-effective solution — If you don’t intend to spend much on your interiors, just opt for drywalls. They are very much in your budget and your home gets renovated within a very little investment.
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 2. Cons of drywalls — There is a flip side to all coins – drywalls are no exception.  The cons have to be considered as well before you choose it for your home. Read about them below:

  • Drywalls aren’t much durable — Drywalls alone aren’t a long-lasting solution. If you want this wall to stay intact in its position for long, you’ll have to apply a layer of plaster on it.
  • These are prone to easy damage through moisture —No matter how convenient they seem you just can’t install drywall in your bathroom and kitchen. As these areas see lots of moisture exposure, drywalls would easily get damaged in such places.
  • These don’t provide insulation— Plasterboards are commonly lightweight and a hollow surface. You just can’t expect it to be sound and heat resistant which is its biggest drawback.


Well, we know that gypsum boards do come with both good and bad points. But the negative pointers can easily be overcome when you see how the positive features benefit you. Believe us, you can actually enjoy dry walls in your home for a long time.