The Journey of Mosaic Tiles from Ordinary to Extraordinary

The Journey of Mosaic Tiles from Ordinary to Extraordinary

The majority of the ancient works of art focus on mosaics. When you have a look at the architectural stature of a country, you can see different sites made from murals. Mosaics add beauty and uniqueness to an establishment, which is why many artists are focusing on adding murals and tiles to the interior designing field. You can use it both at home and in commercial spaces. 

The Emergence of Mosaics into Religious Places

The Roman Empire and their interiors always constituted high-end architectural designs. With this, the age saw the start of using murals for religious places. Mosaics and murals altered from use in the domestic ornaments to ecclesiastical establishments. Cathedrals and basilicas witnessed the incorporation of mosaic tiles to adorn such sites. A lot of images imitated the Byzantine art, and a lot of innovation occurred on the walls, floors, and ceilings of the church walls. 

You can search for a reliable and experienced designer of church mosaics who have a reputed name in this business. If you are looking to renovate your community church, you can opt for several materials for the interiors. However, not all types of mosaic tiles will go with all the sub-interiors.

Mosaics for the Altar

You can go for the ceramic or marble mosaic tiles for the altar of the church. There are cultured marbles available at a nominal price coupled with the advantage of low maintenance. Also, the price depends upon the store from where you source the mosaic tiles. Glazed marble is easy to maintain and resists the water stains owing to its smooth and robust surface. Unglazed ones are scrape resistant in comparison to the former.

On the other hand, installing these tiles is a tedious task and needs experts. In addition to that, if you plan to add a carving on the altar’s face, it might incur more money than usual. Also, marble mosaics tend to fade and stain over time. Therefore, experts recommend applying the tile with wax or a sealer to keep it protected. 

Mosaics for the Ceiling

A large ceiling, like that of a church, needs a lot of work to appear elegant. A lot of churches have glass mosaics in a few parts. In contrast, some have mosaic tiles reflecting geometrical and botanical designs, animal pictures, sky and clouds, exotic animals, and other inscriptions and symbols related to the religion. Glass mosaic tiles are a perfect alternative to a simple roof. You can experiment with colors with glass as it’s reflection can incorporate many types of hues and shades inside the church. 

Apart from this, one of the ways to decorate the central nave and the side aisles is to cover it with mosaic tiles creating a unique pathway. You can work on developing different types of designs that will augment the magnificence of your architectural building. A combination of colors and types of murals can create an awe-inspiring infrastructure depicting the mosaic artifact for many religious places, including churches, mosques, and temples. 

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