The Best Thrifty Body Lotion I Have Ever Used

The Best Thrifty Body Lotion I Have Ever Used

My skin is not only dry but it is rough, painful and occasionally prone to a bit of eczema – my quest for a good body lotion/butter/balm is never ending.
CALL OFF THE SEARCH – I’ve found the best body lotion in the world –Enter Aveeno Skin Relief Shea Butter Moisturising Lotion, it is frankly uh-MAZE-ing.


What I say:

I have never found a skin product which works as well as this one, never. My skin instantly feels like it is being quenched and soothed. Those feelings not only last through the day but with each day I can see my skin getting better and better. My skin is naturally very extra-dry/rough and sore and I’ve tried all manner of lotions and potions to change that. Some of them work and some don’t but mostly the results are temporary and if I don’t apply the lotion the next day all moisture is gone and it is back to square one (- square one is a very dry square). With this lotion when I forget to apply one morning whilst my body won’t feel freshly moisturised it will still feel healthier and more hydrated than it has ever felt. My skin is retaining the moisture. I know it sounds daft but I actually had a bit of a cry after using this for a few days. My skin felt nice – not something I had ever experienced. Don’t get me wrong my skin is still dry but with every application it seems to get just that bit better and I’m genuinely really, really happy. The product comes out of the tube as a fairly wet lotion but is absorbs really quickly and doesn’t need a great deal of rubbing in. Although the packaging says it is fragrance free it has a very subtle oat scent on application which doesn’t linger on the skin.

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This is quite literally the best body lotion in the world and it is at the cheaper end of the market, I had to tell you about it! I picked it up in Home Bargains on a whim for £3.99 (200ml) but I’ve since spotted it in supermarkets and chemists for around the £5.50 mark. Actually I’ve just checked the price and Boots currently have it on special offer and Tesco have the 300ml pump version for £4.66 down from £7 until 9th June. I would never be without this lotion again.