IKEA Christmas Tree Deal (buy £25 tree get £20 voucher)

IKEA christmas tree deal

This IKEA Christmas Tree Deal is a pretty sweet deal if you’re in the market for a real Christmas tree. Simply spend £25 on a Christmas tree and receive a £20 Ikea voucher in return. It’s a simple as that. The specific item you are looking for is –  ABIES NORDMANNIANA Christmas tree [Article number: 80045882/80228363] The […]

Why I Love Ikea Family Card


Ah Ikea, you weird yet wonderful place, how I love thee. I won’t go down the ‘let me count the ways’ route right now, because y’know…the kettle is boiling and tea waits for no man husband. But Ikea, your Family Card is brilliant and I will count the ways in which I love that. As […]

5 Inexpensive Marketplace Products Worth Buying at Ikea

ikea bargains

Some people think Ikea is all just a quick fix but I think a lot of their products are great value items no matter if they come from an expensive range or a cheaper line. Here are 5 items worth picking up whilst strolling through the market place area, all under £10.   Worth buying […]