3 Reasons Why Your Shower Drain Has Bad Odor and You Need a Plumber

3 Reasons Why Your Shower Drain Has Bad Odor and You Need a Plumber

Your bathroom’s shower drain may start emitting foul odor for many reasons including mildew or mold growth below the drain cover. Else, grime or hair could be stuck in the shower drain strainer. Again, the p-trap could fail to function, thus letting sewer gas to rise via the pipes. Fortunately, when you have the services of a professional plumber, you can fix such bathroom problems easily. 

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, sometimes, your shower drains are clogged and you can unclog the same using a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) trick. 

Whether your shower drains reeks of sulfur or mildew, here are the three common reasons why it stinks: 

  1. Mildew or Mold Infestation 

Mildew and mold breed in the dark and damp places, and therefore, its best place is the shower drain in your bathroom. While you remove the strainer or stopper, ensure that the same is located properly. When working at it, make certain that the drain cover is fastened the right way. If there is any gap between the strainer tub and the drain cover, the opening is the perfect place for mildew or mold development. 

Take off the drain cover as well as the stopper, and clean them with mildew or mold remover product. Spray the solution or liquid down and clean the bottom as well as the ring surrounding the drain. When through, ensure that the cover rests on top of the drain tightly. If you cannot do it, then the cover might have deformed and needed a quick replacement. In such a case, get in touch with any trained plumber Auckland near you. 

  1. Blocked Stopper or Strainer 

The shower strainers or stoppers often catch soap, froth, hair, as well as other rubbish before it flows down the bathroom drain. With time, all the grime and glop the stopper or strainer catches might start to build up. The common shower drain odor is possibly some old, built up rubble resulting in a foul smell. 

You may get rid of the stopper using your hand. When it comes to strainers, they feature only a Phillips screw that you would need to take out using a small screwdriver. You would possibly see the hair, grease, and scum buildup right away once you remove the strainer. Wear some gloves and use hot soapy water, a sponge, and a bristle brush or for that matter an old toothbrush to clean the strainer methodically. You must also clean any froth left behind on the drainpipe where you take off the shower strainer.

  1. Dry p-trap

When you get a smell of rotten eggs or sewer gases, it means the p-trap is not functioning properly. All you need to do is take the strainer off and use a flashlight along the drain. If you notice no water, there is something amiss with the p-trap. You can pour two cups full of water along the drain and wait for one hour to see what happens. If you do not find any water, you need to consult with a professional plumber. 


Now that you know the reason, why your shower drain stinks and the way you can fix the issue, your bathroom will not smell foul. 

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