Essential Facts You Should Know Before Buying a Refurbished Apple Product!

Essential Facts You Should Know Before Buying a Refurbished Apple Product!

It’s natural to drool on the varieties of Apple products available in the market. But affording them is another story. That’s why when you find a great deal in refurbished Apple products, it’s actually too good to be missed. Though you can get them at much subsidised rates, but there are some facts that you should be aware of before buying those refurbished devices.

 Take a note of these facts before buying the Apple products!

The very first and important thing to keep in mind before you buy these products is to ensure that you are getting them from a reliable Apple store. In Auckland, New Zealand, 73INC is one such store that prides in selling all the models of refurbished Apple products. When you buy from them, you can trust the quality of the products and services.

  • What exactly are refurbished Apple products?

The Apple devices that were previously used by other owners for a short period of time or were kept as display pieces in stores are later sold as refurbished Apple devices. These are available at far lesser rates than the brand-new ones but aren’t anywhere less in appearance or performance.

  •  Do these refurbished Apple products come with warranty?

Rest assured — if you are buying these devices from a good, reliable seller, then they’ll provide you a warranty for a certain period of time without fail.

  •  Will these refurbished products work like a new device?

Absolutely! The Apple devices that are refurbished are actually repaired and cleaned thoroughly which makes them as fast and smooth as a new device.

  •  Are these products tested before selling

Yes, all the Apple products ready to be sold after refurbishment are properly tested and only then are they available for sale.

  •  Do refurbished devices have previous data?

No, the first rule of refurbishing the devices is to delete the previous data. So, you won’t have to worry about the burden of the previous owners’ data.

  • Do these refurbished devices have their operating systems reinstalled?

Yes, while repairing and rebooting these devices, the hard drive is always reinstalled and that’s why they are as fresh as a new one — ready to be personalised by you.

  •  What about the physical condition of these products?

The refurbished Apple products are totally repaired if there were any issues in the bodies of these products. From the battery to their screen and even their back body, everything is thoroughly perfected and cleaned and this makes these products look as gleaming as a fresh device.


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Always remember, there may be some refurbished Apple devices that are not as perfect and spotless as a new one, but their functionality will be totally amazing. So, as you can see, the deal behind buying a refurbished Apple product is totally a win-win situation for you. So, when are you getting a device for yourself?