September 2015 Goals (Personal/Home/Finance)

September 2015 Goals (Personal/Home/Finance)

Here comes the second month of me sharing my goal, my September goals. You can catch up on my August goals here and I updated them yesterday here – to let you know how I got on.September 2015 Goals

Use weights

I have a set of small weights which are gathering dust in the sun room, so I aim to bust them out and use them for a short amount of time, three times a week. I need to be careful not to strain myself as strenuous exercise can really set me back health wise but I feel light weights will help me slowly build some strength.

Purposely consume media

I am sick of having the television or radio on in the background, I’m bored of reading articles about celebrities I have no interest in just to pass the time of day (thanks Buzzfeed). I want to consume media purposely, even if it is utter junk (hi Pretty Little Liars). I want to be present in the moment of consumption and actually watch a programme without flicking through my phone or put the radio on to listen to a specific programme then turn it off once it has finished.

One blackout night per week

As you will remember from this post and this post, we occasionally like to spend a night without screen time which we call “blackout nights”. I aim to have a blackout night once a week because it gave me such a sense of calm and it really aided my sleep.


Last month I challenged myself to read four books and this month I challenge myself to read 4 works of fiction and on top of that to read a newspaper per day. I used to read several newspapers per day but in recent years I’ve moved onto reading online and I feel like I’m growing to become less informed. I look forward to sitting down with a newspaper each day to discover what is happening across the globe.

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Learn to make blinds

I have a fair amount of fabric sitting around going nothing and I need blinds, so y’know it makes sense to learn to make blinds. I’m going to give a simple roman blind a bash at some point in the next couple of months. Stand by for lots of Twitter moaning.

Paint skirting woodwork in bedroom

Our bedroom is half decorated, half a total and utter mess so it would be great to get moving with the wood work. We have a LOT of wood work in the room,  I aim for us to complete around 1/3 by concentrating on the skirting boards this month.

Paint and wallpaper office

Again this room is half way there. It needs one more coat of paint on two walls and some wallpaper pasted onto the other.

Have weekly budget meetings

This is a continuation from August’s goals. We didn’t sit down for weekly meetings purely because we weren’t always around at the same time. Coming into the Autumn we are aiming to sit down every Sunday to work through our budget. I’ll be blogging more about this very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Reduce weekly food shop by £10

Our weekly food shop has shot up a few pound more than I am comfortable with as we have been relying on shop bought snacks for a variety of reasons. I’d like to reduce our weekly food shop by £10 by cutting these out with a view to reducing it further in the coming months.

Turn off Amazon One-click

Just done it, right now. So dangerous, so damn dangerous.
What are your goals for September?