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100 days until Christmas

I’m not even going to apologise for carrying some kind of girl-scout gene, I like to be organised and try my very best to prepare for large and expensive events well in advance. Christmas is one such event I like to prepare well in advance of. I’ve written all about this many a time, read […]

Christmas Dinner Plans

Last weekend, in our delicate hungover states, we watched Home Alone and that was it – the Christmas cog turned and the part of my brain which deals with planning went into overdrive. I’m almost sure my head made a noise with all the activity whizzing around it. I can’t say for the certain the […]

Christmas Countdown – Planning for Christmas

I’m not actually going to apologise for posting about Christmas in August, mainly because I’ve been planning for it all year and posted about making gift hampers way back in April. So nur. I like Christmas (I actually used to hate it but I don’t anymore) and like to make sure it is well organised […]

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