Review Eve Fashion Swap Plus Interview With Louise Redknapp

Review Eve Fashion Swap Plus Interview With Louise Redknapp

You may remember me VIP tickets to the eve Fashion Swap last week as part of my and as I mentioned I was invited along to the swap too. So, I raided my wardrobe for things unwanted items to bring along to the swap. Yikes, I think I have enough clothes in my loft waiting for me to drop all the weight my medication has caused me to gain that I could host my own swap seven times over! Upon arrival we checked in our clothes. We were given drinks tokens so we could try the eve drinks (lychee is my favourite) and a stamp in a booklet for each item you brought with you (max of four items). The number of stamps in the booklet = the number of items you could take home from the swap, the booklet also acted as a raffle ticket (the prize? a Stella McCartney top). The venue was pided into little areas of empty rails (actually, not so little) for dresses, skirts, trousers, tops etc. plus other areas for manicurists, changing room and bar areas.  Whilst we waited for the eve pixies to sort through the clothes and put them on the rails, I was lucky enough to take seat in the VIP area and have a look through the exclusive rail of clothes, eat cupcakes, sample the drinks and have my nails done (courtesy of the girls at Harvey Nics, Manchester) in ‘eve pink’. Plus I got to meet my lovely.

And then the swap began. As VIPs we got extra time to rummage through the clothes, although I’d have to say this was the one, single downfall of the event. We weren’t told how long we had of extra time and in less than one minute with the clothes everyone else was let in and we all felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people rushing towards us. It was somewhat of a surge, especially in the dress section. I’m a long time vintage fair and sale shopper though, so I soon sharpened those elbows and made sure I got a good look at lots of things. In the end I picked up two summery dresses (that will look good with a long sleeved top and thick tights underneath for the colder months plus a jumper dress) from the VIP rails. Whilst having a look through my items and discarding a few others I got to have a little interview with event host Louise Redknapp.

Would you Bring a Fashion Mistake to a Swap?

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Yes, because someone else could put a spin on it. It’s amazing how different people put a spin on things. I mean, my friend Charlotte will come in with a red polka dot dress teamed with a second hand black belt and look amazing but it looks nothing on the hanger. I’d pass it by. Ah like this dress I picked out? (blue, nylon and a bit frumpy looking). Yes, that doesn’t look much on the hanger but look, that’s going to look really good on the right person with the right accessories. I see people wearing things I would never consider just by looking at the item in the shop but they look great in those outfits. You have to have confidence though. I know people who wear dresses that are under £5 and people who dress just in one designer but both of them carry it off and look great. It’s about confidence. If you don’t have it, an event like this is a great way to try things that you wouldn’t normally try. This kind of event is perfect for me, I try not to wear an outfit that costs over £20 including shoes, even my wedding outfit. Really?! Amazing! That’s what this is all about, good for you.

What Would you Give to the Swap?

Perhaps things from before I had children. My shape has changed and time has passed. I like to be covered up nowadays.

How Would you Describe your Style?

Sexy and classic with a twist. Not too sexy though! As I said I like to feel covered up.

What are your Style Tips?

-Put your own twist on it.

-Try different accessories.

-Try something that might not look good on a hanger.

-Find your own style over time, don’t think one style will always suit you.

The rails of clothes looked a bit sad (as you can see in one of the snaps above) as I left the event, so I think everyone found something they liked to take home. I’m currently googling the next swap event local to me. It was a fun way to spend an evening, free shopping and drinks, what’s not to like huh. Fancy attending a swap? are hosting another swapping event in Liverpool, text ‘eve Liverpool’ to 82500 for a free SMS ticket. I recommend bringing flats and light layers so you can strip off (although don’t put your items down, someone might mistake them for swap fodder!) and get into the middle of the action.