Renovation Tips For Small Bathrooms

Renovating small bathrooms is hard. If that is what you think, you could not be more wrong. You may feel that you don’t have a lot of room for remodelling in a bathroom that is barely 50 square foot. However, you will be surprised of the various options for small bathroom renovations Newcastle homeowners have. Don’t believe me? Follow these six tips, and you will see for yourself!

Small Bathroom Renovation

Larger prints and lighter tones

One of the best ways to make a smaller space seem bigger is by using larger-scale patterns in your bathroom. Achieve this with the help of a big beadboard. Yet another way is by painting the walls in lighter tones like white or cream. Make sure you include these elements in your bathroom renovation. 

Compact sinks

Saving space should be your priority when renovating your bathroom. Using compact sink designs like a trough or corner variety can help you do just that. If its a powder room, you can go as far as using vessel sink with a wall-mounted vanity to save up space. 

Open and rounded vanities

Sharp-edged vanities are a hazard in small bathrooms; you may end up bruising your feet or hip. Therefore, make sure to add rounded ones when remodelling. To add more storage area, opt for open designs. Doing so will also save the space of a revolving door. To save up some more, get a wall-mounted vanity to pair with your corner, trough, or vessel sink.

Sliding doors or shower curtains

Revolving shower doors are a no-no in a small bathroom. Invest in sliding glass doors or a show curtain, instead. This will help you save space while keeping water off of the rest of the bathroom floor. 

Wall mounts and recesses

When it comes to small bathrooms mount and recess as much as you can. Getting a new tub? Mount it. Need to replace towel and toilet-paper holders? Recess it (you can also get hooks on doors for towels). Looking for a place to keep your shampoo and soap? Get mounted corner shelves. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are one of the best ways to make small rooms seem bigger than they are. In a bathroom, aside from the lone mirror over the sink, try to add some extra mirrors. For the best effect, cover the wall behind the vanity with a wall. This is especially needed if you have more than one sinks. 


Renovation is an expensive affair. However, with the right additions, you get a bathroom that is both practical and impressive for you and your guest. Bathroom size does not have to limit your choices. For, with these six tips, you can make the most of your small bathroom.

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