Recycled Snow Curtain

Recycled Snow Curtain

At this time of the year lots of us are getting packages in the post and as a result we’re left with lots of packaging peanuts. As someone reluctant to throw anything away I just had to come up with a use for them.

Here’s How To Make Your Own Recycled Snow Curtain –

1. Cut your packing peanuts in half. Ooh err.
2. Measure a piece of white or clear thread to the length of your window, then add about 10 extra inches.
3. Attach a needle to the thread and push through each a peanut. Add as many peanuts to the thread as you feel works. Our windows don’t have a huge drop so I’ve only added 10-15 per strand but you may need more. Tie firmly at the end and trim any excess thread.
4. Repeat with as many strands as you feel is necessary to fill your window.
5. You can either pin them up individually (if you can hide the pins) or you sew them onto a thick piece of ribbon and attach it to your wall/ceiling/curtain fitting.

These also look great hung down doors or horizontally across book shelves.

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