Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Doors And Windows

Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Doors And Windows

For someone looking to build a home, or a building contractor, no one has any complaints when it comes to the use of wood. Besides being flexible, beautiful and long-lasting, it’s what defines renewable. It is a responsible choice being biodegradable and sometimes lasting for generations.Benefits of Using Wood for Windows and DoorsEco-FriendlyThe carbon footprint of wood is low compared to other products as it consumes considerably less energy in its production and processing.

It can be a substitute for products that use relatively more fossil fuels in their production.  Wood removes carbon from the air and reduces new emissions from releasing into the atmosphere. The carbon remains in the wood and consists of 50% of its dry weight volume. When sourced responsibly, wood becomes renewable as forests and plantations will re-grow ensuring a wide array of natural benefits.Structural StrengthCompressed side-by-side with steel the strength for weight ratio for Radiata pine timber increases by 20%. It is also four times higher than reinforced concrete. In construction, there are few compounds that are stronger than wood. The strength of screw retention makes wood an excellent choice for window frames and other structures.Natural InsulationWood consists of many air pockets within its structure making it a natural insulator. When compared, wood insulates 15 times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel and is 1,770 times superior to aluminium.DesignsWith wood, the design combinations for your wooden windows and doors you can have are almost endless. You can trim, carve and design with relatively lower costs and easiness.

You can manipulate the shape, style and colour to suit your requirements, whereas, PVC is white almost all the time. This is beneficial for those looking to add their personal touch or style into the property.Green JobsChoosing wood means employment for the local workers. Wood work is generally done on-site or pre-fabricated in the surrounding areas ensuring carpenters and craftsmen remain employed. The remaining timber can be used as fuel when the work’s been completed. Dealing with wood increases employment and lowers carbon footprint as it requires no other extra work after logging and can be distributed directly to the site.DurableIf properly maintained wood can last for hundreds of years. It’s used in both homes and commercial construction. There are preservatives which can further increase the natural durability.

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The minimum life expectancy of timber windows and door frames are considered to be 60 years compared to PVC frames which last only 35 years. But ensure that the wood is handled by a professional to retain its longevity.Naturally BeautifulThere are few products that are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful as well designed wood. It connects you with nature rather than the plastic look and feel of the PVC. You can colour and varnish to your specification. It will not rot if properly treated and maintained. Wood gives the authentic and extravagant look to your home. While with the PVC, you’re considered cheap and devoid of character.Wooden constructions can be finished fast and with greater efficiency and they’re cheaper when considering the direct building costs. Timber is the number one choice for people in their construction requirements. Although the overall use has come down relatively, timber is still the preferred product for windows and door frames.