Quick Tips To Keep Your Home Always Guest Ready!

Quick Tips To Keep Your Home Always Guest Ready!

You never know when suddenly guests come by knocking at your door! With almost all sorts of festivals following one after the other round the year, and constant events and get togethers being the trend of the time, people coming together isn’t an ordeal anymore! Your auntie Jane would be willing to be your guest anytime. While your cousin from the faraway land may decide to pay you a visit before the family get-together, and you never know she may be staying with you till the time of the event, or even longer. 

A home that is not maintained and clean, full of clutter is the cause of embarrassment in front of your friends (or even family!) – therefore a need to keep your home always ready for guests is essential. You definitely don’t want your home to be called untidy by your friends. A well-kept home is a source of relaxation too. And also, daily, while you return from work, even you should feel the urge to come back to a cosy haven — coming back to a tidy clean place is undoubtedly rejuvenating. 

   How can your home always be guest ready? 

Amidst today’s busy lifestyle, keeping a home that is always spic and span can be a tough task! But with some real help from professional house cleaning services in Adelaide like Clean Advice, you can get a home that is thoroughly cleaned. They provide all sorts of home cleaning services that include deep cleaning of kitchen, upholstery cleaning, etc. When you get your home thoroughly cleaned by them, just follow the tips below, and keep your home always ready to welcome your guests:

  Never let the clothes lie around — It is a common habit of many to keep their clothes lying everywhere in the house. Those dirty socks on the carpet, the wet towel on the bed, your tie or jacket on the living room sofa and your scarf at the door handle – any of it can make any of your guests doubt your cleanliness routine.  These habits can make your home look really messy. Always keep your dirty clothes in your laundry bag, and fold them immediately after laundry (one they have dried up). Also, make a habit of placing your clothes neatly folded, well managed and in proper columns in the cupboard. When your clothes are in their proper positions in a good manner, this will ultimately reduce 50% of the clutter in the house.     
  Never let the dishes stay dirty — Regular meals at proper times obviously leads to a lot of dirty dishes. Washing them can be daunting, and you may have a habit of piling them in the sink until there are no more left. Have you imagined the germs and pests that you are piling up with it? And what if your guests bring some food and want to share it with you at your home? Will you be washing those dishes in front of your guest? Totally not pleasant! Avoid this, always wash your dishes at the end of every meal, and avoid piling them unnecessarily.
  Clean the mess immediately — In a regular household, there is bound to be milk spilling, tea falling or some other mess. And if you have kids at home, there would be something falling somewhere around the house every minute. If you don’t clear and clean up that mess on the spot, it may leave a nasty stain, a dirty smell, and an ugly spot for your guests to see. How will you explain not cleaning those? Will you actually start scrubbing the same in front of them? No!  Then make sure you don’t have to face such a tricky situation.
  Wipe and dust regularly A regular cleaning never leaves a scope for embarrassment. It isn’t actually too taxing too, and would hardly consume fifteen minutes of your time daily. But, if you invest in these fifteen minutes daily, and clean your home or the surface well, you won’t have to face the guests with a dusty floor or dull looking furniture. Your home would always be sparkling clean no matter what time or day it might be. 
  Air fresheners — You should also keep an air freshener at your house. Due to the house being locked during the day when you’ll be at work, it may start stinking mildly. So when you have an air freshener always on, when you enter the place with your guests, not just your home is clean, but it smells good too!

These few tips and some of your creativity in maintaining your house, if brought together, we are sure your home would be ever ready for that sudden doorbell! 

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