Pros and cons of wearing a cape

Pros and cons of wearing a cape

Bought last autumn and stored in a trunk until now, it is time to break out my vintage nurse cape for a second year. I’ve seen lots of capes in charity shops, be they vintage or discarded from last winter, you can snap them up at bargain prices this winter whilst they’re still on trend.Capes solve a lot of problems but they also cause a lot of problems, here are the pros and cons of wearing a cape:Cape wearing pros- Ooh the warmth, you’re essentially wrapping yourself in a blanket without stooping to the levels of a snuggie/slanket/whatever the hell you call those ugly things.

– You can play at being a superhero. Seriously it is SO much fun.

– Wearing it done up or undone changes the look radically. Unlike with a coat when it is just, umm,an undone coat, an undone cape can look swishy and dramatic compared to the structured appearance when it is done up.

– You can get up to all kinds of filth under the cape and no one need know.

– Everyone, everyone will stop you and ask where it’s from, s’like being on the red carpet instead of the 43 bus into town.

– You can wear your most skuzzy of outfit underneath your cape but the second you sling it over your shoulders you look chic.

Cape wearing cons – You can’t use a shoulder bag unless you want to wear it underneath your cape, which means you will be unable to access it and it’ll leave an odd bulk lump on your side. Well, you can but it will be bloody annoying and constantly fall down.

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– Your arms may end up cold. Invest in elbow length gloves.

– Your boobs are at risk of becoming a uniboob or ‘sausage tit’ as I like to call it. Think about styles, big busted ladies aim for something with buttons or zips that can be left partially undone to create a slight ‘V’ shape which eliminates sausage tit.

– You’ll spend forever trying to figure out which top to wear with it if you have the pokey-out-arm type.

– If you fall over you risk smashing your face into the pavement because you’re unable to stick your arms out to help you.

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