Is It Worth Spending On Professional Photographers On Your Glamorous Wedding ?

Is It Worth Spending On Professional Photographers On Your Glamorous Wedding ?

For a lot of years now, almost everyone has had a camera in their pockets, and those cameras keep getting better and advanced.

This has led to some skepticism about why people should they still invest in professional photographers. After all, if everybody has a good camera, why should you pay a lot of money to have a professional photographer to take photos of your glamorous wedding ?

You Lack The Photography Skill

Everyone has a camera in their pockets nowadays, but some lack basic fundamental artistic skills with a DSLR camera. Nowadays, expensive phone cameras are very comparable to some DSLRs, and that is simply because technology has advanced a lot. If you were to hire a professional photographer over someone who has a camera phone, you can surely guarantee that the photographer has spent many hours learning how to use all the functions and technologies of their camera. Thus, there is going to be a huge difference in dedication, skill and talent in a photographer who has been doing events for a long time, than in clicking a quick photo.

You Cannot Rely On Family And Relatives

Relying on your family and friends to upload and share all of the photos they took on their phones is an unrealistic expectation. Which camera should you use? Who is going to take pictures nearly every single minute they are attending your wedding? Guests simply won’t want to. On the contrary, a professional photographer will know how to direct people for family photos and make you look amazing in your portraits by choosing flattering angles. The best lighting will undoubtedly flatter the photographic subject, and not everyone has an eye for that.

You Will Definitely Miss The Small Things

The average person might miss or not be prepared to capture on camera, but a professional photographer will know when to look out for those small things but big moments.

Likewise, people hire a photographer because they have ‘the eye’ for catching small details other people can miss. A lot of things happen so fast during weddings, and some of those moments you cannot re-enact. For example, the ‘first look’ as a groom sees his bride walk down the aisle. Most photographers know that this is currently a very important shot and moment in their client’s lives and they have learnt not to miss these moments.

They Have Professional And Expensive Cameras

Moreover, professional photographers invest in high-quality camera gear to deliver high-quality, printable images. Printing an image from a phone could be very blurry and most of the time unable to print in large sizes. In reality, so many people just forget they have special images on their phone, and they’re never printed, only shared to social media and forgotten.

They Are Very Creative

Finally they are more creative in the sense of style and themes. Before the shoot, they consult with their clients. After they decide on a theme for the photoshoot, they do their homework and make sure that the wedding should be as grand as the client can ever imagine. Then they might also head out to scout locations, sometimes driving hours and obtaining permits. If they need an assistant, they do the needful co-ordination.

Professional Edits

During the post-editing, they go through and edit lighting, skin tones, glares and special effects, add textures and finalize the single image. All these things are next to impossible if you don’t have a professional skill set. Sometimes it takes two to four hours per photo to achieve the exact look the client would want.

Now that we have given you a handful of reasons to hire a professional surrey wedding photographer, it’s your choice to decide, whether to hire or not.

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