8 Great Going Away Present Ideas for Your Loved One

When a loved one decides to move away, you want to ensure they know just how much they mean to you.

Depending on the personality of your family and friends, special moments or a going-away present can be the sentiment that makes the departure easier. Stand out from the crowd and get the gift they’ll cherish forever.

If you’re blanking on ideas, check out these going-away presents for inspiration.

  1. Use a Frame

A framed pictured of you and the person leaving is a traditional and time standing gift. It won’t cost a lot, and there’s always room to hang a picture.

Pictures are more than great decorative pieces. They also serve as reminders of friendship and fun days of the past.

But pictures don’t have to the only thing you frame.

Do you share an inside joke? Did you both attend a fun concert? Framing a memento like a ticket stub is a fun and creative way to say “goodbye” and capture a special event.

You can also frame a t-shirt that might have been shared or passed around between friends. If you can, get as many good friends to sign the shirt before putting it in a frame. 

Whatever you choose to frame, it’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression of good memories for them.

  1. You Don’t Have to Spend Tons of Money

The best gifts aren’t the most expensive – the best gifts are from the heart. You don’t have to “wow” your friends or loved ones with extravagant presents to show your appreciation.

Spend time looking through bargain bins and clearance sales to find deals on items your friend will absolutely love. Pick items that will be useful or sentimental or both.

If your beloved plans to drive to a sunnier location, then consider buying sunglasses. They are practical and will always remind that special someone of you.

For people who plan to leave around the holidays, read more on how to find Black Friday deals to get a great price for your gifts.

  1. Handwritten Letter

Whether it’s a family member or close friend, a handwritten letter is a chance to show all your feelings. This is a good present especially if you’re not good at verbalizing your emotions.

Think about the last time you received a handwritten letter. More than likely, you held on to the letter for longer than a few days. You might still have it as a keepsake.

Due to their rarity, handwritten letters are often treasured and read several times. Consider this option with a cheap gift to show your true appreciation.

  1. Jewelry

Who doesn’t like a little bling and frost? If you can spare the money, jewelry is an excellent going-away present.

Do you know the person’s birthday? Figure out their birthstone, and get a necklace or ring with it. Spend a little extra money to get a custom engraving.

Don’t you know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? If your friend or family member fancies diamonds, then make sure the diamonds are authentic. You can try a few DIY tests to determine if they are real.

Diamonds mounted on real silver or gold present a fabulous gift that will last forever. 

  1. Power Adapters

If you’ve never traveled outside the United States, you won’t know that our power outlets and wattage are different from everywhere else in the world (minus a few countries).

For someone leaving to travel abroad, these are useful gifts that may not hold a lot of sentimental value, but they’ll be helpful until they get new electronics in their country.

For a little more money, you can order cell phone chargers and appliances native to her new destination. Have them shipped and waiting at her place so she doesn’t need to go out and spend money on her first day in a foreign country.

  1. Pillows Are an Excellent Going-Away Present

Few items can compare to the comfort of a soft pillow. Pillows are one of those gifts that bridge the world of practicality and sentiment. 

If your beloved one is traveling within the country, they’ll have a pillow to take breaks in the car. For long flights, nothing beats a gifted pillow in uncomfortable seats.

Don’t be boring and buy a plain white pillow. You’ll want the cover to feature a picture or symbol that means something to the new owner.

If you’re giving this pillow to a significant other, then a little spray of cologne or perfume will go a long way.

  1. Travel Mugs

Over half the US population drinks coffee, and coffee is an internationally loved beverage. Home or abroad, coffee mugs always have a place in a home or apartment.

Pick from several vendors to customize the mug, or find a neat shop that sells unique or rare travel mugs.

If mugs don’t seem like a good fit, purchase a thermos. Like mugs, they are customizable, but they are more expensive. A high-quality thermos will last for years.

Whichever beverage container you choose for them, know it’ll get good use and be appreciated.

  1. Journal

The era of social media has replaced most journaling except for a few people. Think about if the person you’re getting this for will actually write in it.

A journal is a great way to record events in your life and how they made you feel. 

A fun idea is to have them fill the journal with entries and then send it back home to you for you to read and make comments. Just don’t forget to send it back when you’re finished.

The Art of the Gift

If you want to get an impactful going-away present, then you need to understand it’s an art. The more you buy gifts for people, the better you’ll get at buying.

Don’t buy or make something boring or unoriginal for a dear friend or family member who is going away. Your gift needs to reflect on how much you love them.

Do you want to learn more about how to be thrifty or save a penny? Keeping reading more articles on our blog to become a master. 

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