PPC Made Easy with These 5 Paid Media Tactics

PPC Made Easy with These 5 Paid Media Tactics

Paid media is a type of advertising where businesses pay to put up ads to send users to their website. You’ll typically see ads on websites, search engines, apps, and even YouTube videos. One of the more favored types of paid media by advertisers is pay-per-click (PPC). This is due to the cost-effectiveness and speed of PPC campaigns. For PPC, the ad’s cost is based on the number of clicks it generated, and unlike most advertising strategies, the outcome is almost immediate.

It’s almost too easy for those getting started in paid media to fall into the trap of overspending or to miss the mark on keyword and audience filtering. A Tucson PPC Agency can help lead you in the right direction, but for those who just want some basic information without the financial burden, here’s a short article to guide you through some tried and true paid media strategies.

  • Focus on social media advertising

Businesses are advised to increase their social media advertising budget for 2020 and beyond. Around 3.8 billion people use social media, and on average, they spend around 2 hours and 24 minutes on these sites. This means that social media platforms are prime real estate for those looking to reel in some new customers. Social media also offers increased ad personalization for users, so you’ll have an increased chance of reaching the people already interested in what you have to offer.

  • Enhance your targeting scheme

If your PPC campaign goal is increased revenue, your priority shouldn’t be increased site traffic but increased conversion rate. The best way to achieve this would be to target your ads to the people most likely to purchase something. When selecting search engine keywords to bid on, choose precise terms instead of general ones. Usually, someone doing a Google search for “women’s fashion” isn’t immediately thinking of buying something. However, if someone did a search for “women’s padded jacket for winter”, they’re most likely already on the hunt for a store where they can purchase this specific item. Additionally, specific keywords like these are cheaper than broader keywords, so you’ll spend less money but get more valuable site traffic.

  • Gather data for strategy refinement

Data is the cornerstone of every major business decision, and without data, you would have no way of judging how your PPC campaign is performing. Besides being helpful to your current campaign, it’s even more vital to a future campaign’s success. If you interpret your data correctly and make conclusions based on them, you’re more likely to develop a campaign with a better return on investment (ROI). There are various ways you can track your PPC performance, from analytics tools to UTM tracking codes. Use one that suits your campaign goals.

  • Video ads

Mobile internet speed is on the rise, and along with it, the user preference for video content. It’s been reported that 64% of consumers purchased a product after seeing a brand video on social media, while 93% of brands acquired new customers thanks to video advertising. Instagram data also shows that video ads have a 5.65% lower skip rate compared to static images. Based on these key figures, it’s important to generate video ads to cater to your audience. 

  • Optimize landing pages and website for conversion

An ad’s purpose is to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase site traffic. What it can’t do is convert site visitors into paying customers. That’s a job for your landing page and website. You have to ensure that your ad’s landing page is primed to convince the user to complete a purchase. The checkout process should be smooth and seamless, and your website should be secure and professional-looking so users will be comfortable inputting sensitive information like payment details. Create a sense of urgency with words like limited-time sale or last stock to urge users into taking immediate action.

Some businesses may be hesitant to use paid media due to the financial commitment it requires, but if you harness its potential, the ROI will be massive. Properly targeted ads can increase brand awareness and generate relevant traffic for your site, leading to more conversions and, in turn, more revenue for your business. As long as you outline your goals clearly, monitor your metrics and make sound changes to your strategy based on data, you’ll reap the benefits sooner than you think. You can even hire a Tucson PPC Agency so you can be sure you’re on the right track.

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