Picking The Right Trees To Avoid Damage To The Foundation

There’s no denying that trees are indeed some of the most glorious specimens of nature. Trees help in creating small ecosystems that not only provide shade to any area but also offer a green cover, reducing the effects of air pollution. 

But, there will be circumstances when you need to choose the perfect type of tree for your home, which will provide the least amount of damage to your house foundation. Even though you can always prevent tree roots from invading your space, it’s better to be mindful about what you’re planting in the first place, so that you don’t have to work harder. To help you out with the same, we are sharing some of the best tips – as suggested by home inspection in Pueblo CO services. 

What Are Some Of The Most Beneficial Trees For Your Yard?

Based on your location, the best type of tree that is available at your local market will vary greatly. However, your main goal should be to choose a type of tree that will thrive in its own space and will not invade other areas via its roots. For example, in North America, the Crabapple tree would be a great option. This flowering tree grows at a maximum height of 20 feet, and even the growth of roots at maturity won’t be a problem in the long-run. Moreover, Crabapple trees are very tolerant of multiple types of climate, which means that they can easily live season after season. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tree type, you can also opt for the Japanese Maple tree. You can plant these near your patio, especially in the front yard and the roots are considered to be non-invasive as well. This type of tree will be a perfect choice for any homeowner out there who don’t want their house foundation to be damaged over time. 

The last on the list would be the American Holly Tree, which requires the least amount of maintenance. This is an evergreen tree that will require no special care, and you can even decorate your holly tree in the winter season for a more festive look.

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What Are Some Of The Worst Trees For Your Yard?

Generally, you shouldn’t choose trees that have higher root growth, higher maintenance and huge size when matured. You should always acknowledge the size of the tree before you plan to put it down onto your yard’s soil. However, there are some trees that you should avoid outrightly, such as the White Ash Tree – which grows pretty fast and the roots invade anything that comes in its way. Furthermore, you should also be avoiding Poplar Trees.