Physiotherapy and Laser Therapy Can Heal or Ease Severe Aches and Pains

Physiotherapy and Laser Therapy Can Heal or Ease Severe Aches and Pains

Body aches and pains occur as we age. However, there are times when a neck pain or wrist ache occurs due to accidents and posture issues. Pain killers can subside the pain superficially and resurface it from time to time. Over the years, physiotherapy has helped patients heal from various joints, muscle and nerve pains, and discomfort.

Physiotherapy applies to patients across a broad age group! Medical science is advancing with every passing day, and that is bringing about a change in physiotherapy techniques to treat pain as well. However, today patients are also keen on laser therapy, offered by various physiotherapy clinics. To know more about this, you can check out Guelph physio and laser treatment.

What is Laser Therapy?

Simply put, laser therapy is a low-intensity therapy that can stimulate healing, making use of light at a low level. The therapist needs to use a medical device to conduct this treatment. The process is commonly known as “cold” laser therapy, as the low light isn’t sufficient for heating the patient’s body tissues.

During the laser therapy process, non-thermal light photons get emitted from the laser and pass through the dermis, epidermis, and subcutaneous tissues of the skin. Various outputs and wavelengths of the low-level light get applied to the targeted areas directly. The body tissue gradually absorbs the laser light, which results in healing the damaged tissue. It also reduces inflammation, pain, and leads to tissue regeneration. Intra-cellular metabolism gets increases, which reduces healing time.

The Benefits of Laser Therapy

One of the best advantages of laser therapy is that it provides quick relief. The majority of patients witness improved functional movement and motion. Also, the process is non-invasive, painless, and takes a few minutes to get completed. The other benefits are:

  • Quick wound healing
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The light photons from the laser device get penetrated deep inside the tissue. It speeds up cellular growth and reproduction. And because of this, the cells of muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments get repaired quicker. If there are open wounds, this therapy is beneficial.

  • Pains and aches

The laser therapy minimizes the nerve sensitivity by reducing a pain provoking chemical known as bradykinin. It helps to stabilize the in channels and releases enkephalins and endorphins that lead to an analgesic effect. Furthermore, it also has a pain-blocking impact on specific nerve fibers.

  • Minimizes the formation of fibrous tissues

Advanced laser therapy can minimize scar tissue formation after repetitive motion injuries, surgery, burns, scratches, and cuts. The laser light enhances vascular activity. It maximizes the generation of new capillaries in the affected tissues that accelerates the healing process. It also helps to close the wound faster.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Laser therapy helps to maximize the Adenosine Triphosphate, which acts as stored energy. And this added energy speeds up the cell repair process. Additionally, laser therapy also widens the veins and artery around the injury that can do away with the damaged cellular debris. It also helps to maximize the oxygen and nutrients. The white blood cell activity also gets improved because of the fast healing process. Few molecules which add to more inflammation get reduced.

Furthermore, superoxide dismutase and other useful antioxidants get increased. All these benefits mentioned above have made laser therapy an easy process to treat wounds and pains.