Pastel Kitchen Under 12

Pastel Kitchen Under 12

Show me a pastel shade and I’m yours. Their faded candy colours lure me in like nothing else and I could happily decorate my whole house in shades of pale pinks and the softest of yellows. Having moved house we need some essentials and of course I want to buy them on a strict budget.

Here’s the Best of Perfect Pastel Kitchenware Under £12

1. Blue sugar Shaker £7.00

2. Pastel measuring cups £8.00

3. Pink metal tin £7.99

4. Pastel waffle tea towels £9.50

5. Mint scales £10.00

6. Blue whisk £3.99

7. Blue tea towel £2.99

8. Green oven glove £5.00

9. Pink plate £3.99

10. Pink spatula £3.99

11. Blue cutlery set £12.00

12. Pink bowl  £2.00

Have you Seen any Bargain Priced Pastel Kitchen Bits and Bobs Recently?

Oh and over on my eBay collections I have a whole collection dedicated to pink kitchens.

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