Packing For Holiday

Packing For Holiday

At the end of last month Mr Thrifty and I packed our bags and headed off to Tenerife with (I’ll be doing a full review shortly), we usually take quick city breaks so we’ve become quite skilled at packing hand luggage only. This time we were lucky enough to have 22kg each, so packing was a bit different – but hopefully still organised. My method for packing involves a lot of prep. A couple of weeks before we go away I go through my wardrobe and drawers pulling out anything which I may want to wear, even things which are very basic. Then I make sure anything which needs laundering is done and ready and I add them to the pile of potential clothes. Then it is a case of making a list of the days we’re going to be there and potential activities. Will I need lots of theme park suitable clothes? Will be dining anywhere particularly fancy? What will the weather be like (I make sure to check the online forecasts a couple of times before going and make any final weather based packing decisions the day before we go)?

Open red suitcase with clothing in the room

For this trip I knew we were going for 7 days and were planning to relax with a limited amount of planned day trips and lots of lazing by the pool. Taking this into account I knew I’d need 3 outfits per day – pool/beach, day time clothes and evening clothes. Now obviously packing 21 different outfits is going to weigh down even the most generous of baggage allowances (I ended up taking 15kg of Jet2’s very generous 22kg allowance). At this point I start by pulling out dresses and bottoms from the pile of clothes, those are always the good basis for an outfit. I tried each one on to make sure they fit and then worked through all the tops etc. in the pile to work out how many different outfits I could pull together. A black floaty skirt could work really well with 2 of my vest tops for day time but was easily dressed up with a see-through tunic at night. I went through methodically and made a list of three different options for each day and allowed for tops and bottoms to be washed and hung out to dry then switched to make another outfit. Handily our lovely holiday apartment at had a drying rack and a really sunny balcony so we could rinse out swimming costumes and light clothes at night and bring them in dry of a morning.

Of course I didn’t stick to the exact list of outfit options but I find making the list helps me to know I have enough of everything and don’t go throwing another top or dress in to ‘be on the safe side.’ I did buy a couple of items to take with me, one was a multi-purpose dress which can be worn in 5 different ways as a dress – I also mixed it up and wore it as a maxi dress too. Be on the look out for items like this which are super easy to pack but can be worn as day wear, beach cover up and even night wear with the right accessories. It turns out I came back with only one clean t-shirt and a sarong I didn’t wear so I don’t think I did too badly. Obviously it’s not just clothes we drag with us on holiday, there are a few other essentials which make a stay away from home easier.

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Headphones – I’ve really got into listening to audiobooks at the moment but found ear buds were starting to irritate my ears and for sitting by the pool I guessed they would fall out of my ear everytime I move and leave me annoyed (anyone else have this problem with Apple ear buds) so I tried old school headphones* from Surfdome and they’re perfect. They didn’t budge when I fidgeted and my ears weren’t irritated. By the way Audible are currently offering my readers a free audiobook when you sign up using  so if you’e going on holiday anytime soon I suggest you give it a whirl!

String bag – No other bag is better as a beach bag than a simple sting bag. String bags fold up into almost nothing and don’t take up a load of room like wicker bags and what not and they expand to allow you to fit a whole heap of stuff inside. Most supermarkets sell them (our one was from M&S years ago) or you can pick them up on

Bar of soap – I take a bar of soap away with me because it is super easy to double it up for washing your clothes.

Plug adapters – They’re much cheaper to buy in the UK than in holiday resorts. We actually picked ours up in Poundland and got two in the packet.

Laundry bags – I always take my underwear away in a small lingerie bag because it’s just easier to track everything down when I’m trying to find things. I also always take a large laundry bag per person. That way I can keep dirty things away from clean and when we leave I just have to heave the laundry bag into the suitcase and know I can pull it out at the other end and shove straight into the washing machine.

Don’t forget!


Something to read


Plasters – I ALWAYS cut my feet on holiday

That damn passport of yours

Accessories – scarves, hair clips, statement necklaces – they can really change an outfit

A hoodie or jumper for those cold evenings