P.S. Love Primark Make Up

P.S. Love Primark Make Up

Primark’s P.S. Love make up range is slowly rolling out across the country (some stores have loads, others just a smattering of the range so far) and before you ask ‘is Primark make up any good?’, yup it’s pretty damn good. I wasn’t able to find the whole range in a shop near me but my friend Savvy Annie did manage to find some bits I couldn’t get hold of and she’s testing them out over on her blog today too.
Prices start at £1 and travel up to the lofty heights of £2.50 for an 8 shade eye shadow palette and I managed to score a few bits and bobs in a branch near me to take home and try out. The products are all sealed up in store so it’s hard to judge what the quality will be like.
Primark Make Up
Primark Lipstick

The Primark lipsticks don’t have names but to guide you to this one – it looks red under the in store lights, yup that one. However once home it is more of a reddish-pinkish-coral colour (accuracy, huh?) and not the red I expected to be but I’m not disappointed because the colour is a very wearable.The formula is a soft, creamy consistency which applies smoothly both from the bullet and with a brush and despite my natural born chatterbox persuasion it stays on the lips for a pretty lengthy time. Another plus point for me is although I’m prone to the curse of dry lips I didn’t find this drying at all. I did apply it over a lip balm but that’s something I always do however it was neither drying nor slippy which are the two camps I find cheap lipsticks can head toward.
Price: £1

Primark Eyeliner (2pack)

This eyeliner pack is a real bargain because you get two pencils and a pencil sharpener for just £1. These aren’t anything fancy but they’re good staples to add to your make up bag. The pencil doesn’t drag the delicate skin around your eye and the eyeliner is soft and easy to smudge out for a smokey look.
Price £1

Primark Nail Polish

I picked up two shades of the £1 nail polish, one in a muted grey and another in an almost acid coral from a pretty good range of colours. The shades don’t have colour names or numbers but for £1 that isn’t something which is a disaster.
So far I have only managed to use the grey and I’m impressed due to a usable, thick brush which applies the product evenly and the formula itself which went on in a block, uniform colour in 2 coats. I’m two days into the wear and I’m chip free so far without using either a base or top coat.
Price: £1

Primark Eye Shadow Palette

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My local Primark branch had two eye shadow palettes on the P.S. Love stand but a young girl in front of my swiped the last of the ‘Night’ palette and I wasn’t about to bludgeon her to death for the sake of eyeshadow (mascara would be a different matter). I picked up the 8 shade ‘Day’ eye shadow palette for just £2.50 and whilst it isn’t immediate love, I do think it’s a useful palette. The packaging itself comes with a good size mirror (similar to a Sleek palette) and houses 8 wearable day time shades and a small brush.The only reason I’m not jumping up and down with excitement for this palette is the paler shades have poor colour pay off and it really takes a long time to build up any colour on the eyelid. That said the slightly darker and more shimmery shades are much better and blend really well. Price: £2.50All in all I’m really, really impressed with the new Primark make up range and believe it’s a great value way to not only try out new looks and experiment but to pick up some basics.I don’t like to leap into a full review of a product until I have had a while to trial it and test longevity but if you’d like to see deeper reviews of these products in say a month or so time do of course let me know.Don’t forget to check out Annie’s reviews of the Primark mascara, lipsticks, lip glosses and nail polish remover pot here.

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