Organising Your Underwear

Organising Your Underwear

Organising your underwear is all about figuring out how your use it and when. Okay, okay so you just put it on but really is it as simple as that? My underwear has a few different categories and I like to use that as a basis for organisation. These categories, by the way, are usually very much in my head, I can’t believe I am committing this to history.


– Special/pretty
Underwear which I pop on when I want to feel really special or – smutty.

– Every day
Everyday knickers I can just pull on and know I’ll feel fine and comfortable all day

– Period pants
Oh come on, come on, come on we’ve all got them. They’re old, they’re grey and they’re not flattering but maaaan are they comfortable when needs be.

– Oh maaaan they do something special
Pants designed to either suck in, firm or hold tight. Not sexy but often very, very necessary.


– Special/pretty
As with the knicker section of the same name.

– Every day
Comfy, robust bras I can be safe in the knowledge will look after my boobies all day long but not really change my life.

– Oh man they do something special
Sometime I need them strapping down, sometimes I want to showcase them these are the underwired chaps for the occasion.

– Disaster bra
These bras hurt, the gouge and twist and stab and chafe and are just generally the David Cameron of the bra world (bastards) but for some reason most of us keep them in case they magically turn into a great everyday bra. Why do we do this, WHY?

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Now, if these categories exist in my head then they need to exist in my drawers. If I want special knickers I want to put my hand into the drawer and pull them out as quickly as I’m going to pull them off.
This drawer is my main underwear drawer. The front section contains everyday knickers, the smaller middle one ‘period knickers’ and the back are ‘Special/pretty’. They’re pretty much lined up in order of need and use. In the same drawer, arranged around my pants I have all of my ‘every day’ bras.

I then have a separate larger drawer which contains and is organised into the following categories – bra and knicker sets (bra fastened through the leg of the knicker so they’re always kept together), sports bras, disaster bras plus knickers and bras which do something special like suck in or create eye-watering-ly extraordinary cleavage.
All of my underwear drawers are organised with Ikea drawer organisers (£4.99 in white) which I wholeheartedly love because they’re easy to change about and have a million different organisational possibilities. I have however in the past used cardboard boxes, cereal packets and Tupperware containers to keep everything neat and organised.
I know this is all very odd but as I often say, I like my days to run smoothly. Finding my underwear for the day is one of the first tasks I perform, so I don’t want it to be a jumble sale to rummage through first thing,  because mornings can be stressful enough as it is.