Organising a Wardrobe

Organising a Wardrobe

As part of my 30 Day Declutter challenge I have also been reorganising our home and making sure that it is far easier to declutter in the future. Yesterday I sorted through a few wardrobes and it struck me that I should show you how I make it simple for myself when it comes to declutter or spring clean time.

I could bore on all day about organising wardrobe spaces, really I could, I’ll save that for another time (if you want?) but today I’ll share with you a tip that specifically deals with making sure you’re using what is in your wardrobe and not filling it up with junk.

This wardrobe or closet if you’re American/feeling fancy is a built in cupboard in which we previously stored our camping equipment but as we’ve decluttered a lot of our camping stuff we found ourselves with an empty cupboard. It has now become out coat wardrobe, I don’t think even the fanciest of estate agent could call it a cloakroom. We have a LOT of coats (more than in this picture, I’m still in the process of getting them aired out or properly cleaned after being in storage), Mr Thrifty finds it hard to leave a vintage shop without a blazer/American baseball jacket/army jacket and he loves them all dearly.

We don’t wear half of them, so when I put them into the wardrobe I put all of the hangers the wrong way round (the wrong way being with the curve of the hanging part face into the wardrobe and the open part facing outward), when we return an item to the wardrobe after wearing it we put it back the correct way. After a short while or when it comes to spring clean or decluttering season we can simply look into the wardrobe at the hangers and tell which of our items have and haven’t been worn.

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I’ve been doing this in our regular wardrobe for a few years now and I’ve found it makes it really easy to stop and think about my need for 8 knee length black dresses and 12 red cardigans. Soon Mr Thrifty will have to stop and ask himself some long hard questions about his vintage jacket collection. Perhaps we can all stand around and shout ‘hoarder’ at him whilst he weeps on the floor? Or did I just mention one of my smutty dreams on my blog?


P.S. You’re looking might fine today, is that top new?