Ooh Saucy!

Ooh Saucy!

Well, after that frankly awful title things can only get better, right? Hmmmm.

Here’s a little tip I discovered whilst camping. Mr Thrifty had been hammering in the tent pegs and gave his hand a good bash with the hammer. I found that some sauce packets had fallen into our ice filled beer bucket and wouldn’t you know it, they were perfect for holding on the small brusied and cut area. Since then I’ve kept a few in the top drawer of my freezer for mini emergencies. They’ve been perfect for sunburnt cheeks, shaving nicks, stubbed toes, small cuts & grazes.

Another great use is for numbing the area just before plucking your eyebrows. I’m usually fine with eyebrow plucking pain but am I the only one who finds their pain threshold greatly decreased at different points throughout their cycle? Oh how I love my salad cream sachet come that week.


P.S. I should add – I don’t steal these! You’ll find however if you have any left on your table after a meal that the staff may just clear them away. I’ve asked if they return them to the land of sauce but they say they have to chuck them out. So I ask if I can take them. They’re always shocked that anyone asks.

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