Oi! Fill That Freezer. ::a Great Many Ways To Look Like A Domestic Goddess Whilst Staying True To Your Domestic Slattern Ways::

Oi! Fill That Freezer. ::a Great Many Ways To Look Like A Domestic Goddess Whilst Staying True To Your Domestic Slattern Ways::

Did you know for a freezer to run at it’s best it needs to be full? If our freezer isn’t full, we’re wasting electricity which bit by bit (let me guilt trip you for a second, sit still, no squirming) is ruining our pretty little planet, killing the lovely polar bears and seals, not to mention eroding your bank balance.So if you’re a packet of fish fingers and a bottle of vodka in a three draw freezer kinda gal, here are some useful ideas of how to fill your freezer without spending money on prime cuts of meat.If a recipe calls for say, half a lemon or lime and you know the other half will grow wrinkly and dry in a week before meeting it’s destiny at the bottom of a bin use it one of the following ways. Chop into small pieces, pop into an ice cube tray and fill with water.

There you have it, something easy to add to a gin and tonic. Juice what is left of the fruit, pop in a freezer bag, label and use next time a recipe calls for lemon juice.It’s always useful to have a cake knocking around in your freezer. Yes it does sound a tad Nigella esque doesn’t it? But if you’re knocking up a Victoria sponge, it’s as easy to make two as it is one. Cook all four rounds of cake then decorate one batch and eat (nom, nom) and simply place the other two rounds undecorated in Tupperware tubs. Take out and allow to defrost as soon as you have the call that the in laws are on their way. You can get on with the cleaning and hiding things they shouldn’t see and simply decorate with whipped cream and strawberries (sadly one can’t freeze strawberries without them becoming a bag of mush, or at least I’m yet to have it work) or jam in the centre and a smattering of icing sugar 5 mins before they arrive.

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Double up!

When you’re making something like spag bol, chilli, stew etc. double up your ingredients and freeze half in portions that will feed one person. This makes life chez Thrifty a lot easier, often we’re on opposite shifts and find it hard to eat a meal together. I’m at loathe to cook for just myself more often than not, so defrosting a bag of stew in the microwave and eating with a husk of bread is perfect. Just make sure you label well.
Spice is niceGinger freezes well. Stick a piece of raw ginger in a freezer bag and drag it out and grate or chop it into any dish which requires ginger.Not so crumbyAre those bread rolls on the turn? Whizz them up in the blender and freeze. Infact they seem to work better from the freezer than fresh. Y’learn something new everyday.

Wine on

It’s a rare day that we have wine left at the bottom of the bottle here at Thrifty Towers but when we do we bag it up and throw in the freezer. Most meals we cook seem to be enhanced with a drop or two of wine, so it’s handy to have some ready to pop in than having to open a bottle just for a cottage pie. You can freeze them in bags or in ice cube trays.The ice cubed sized chunks of red wine are a perfect addition to gravy.Whoops-a-daisy!Whoops! Items. Ever go to the supermarket when they reduce their food for a quick sale but wonder when on earth you’ll eat it? Stick it in the freezer. One of our freezer drawers are filled with crumpets, bagels and bread rolls that they have been flogging off for less than 10p. Handy for breakfasts, lunches and picnics. I wouldn’t be without this drawer.