New Mum Gift Basket

New Mum Gift Basket

A lot of my friends are popping new people into the world, so I’ve been busy making baby hampers and for my vaginally damaged friend – new mum hampers. If you’ve squeezed a baby out, you deserve a treat or two.

New Mum Gift Basket

1. Disposable camera – if you can find black and white then all the better as it will hide any mess and under eye circles. Whilst it is great to have photos on a computer or phone it is so much nicer to have a print – maybe you could pick up a nice frame too?

2. Nipple cream

3. Dry shampoo

4. Oversized sunglasses

5. Thermos style cup for keeping drinks warm when the new mum is kept busy or unable to get up and down for a new one. I got this one for my friend and she commented on how handy the handle was.

6. Neck/maternity pillow
7. Netflix/Lovefilm subscription which you can always find discount codes for. My friend marathoned through season after season of TV shows when breast feeding at 3am and has given a subscription to all of her new mum friends ever since.

A few more ideas:

– Small bottle of their favourite alcohol – even if they’re breast feeding, they can always save it and relish the thought.

– Delicious body cream – check it is suitable for babies/breast feeding mothers – strong scents may not be helpful.

– Scented candle

– Bubble bath

– Hand cream

– Chocolate

– Voucher for baby sitting

– Homemade meals

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– Brie, blue cheese, pate etc.

– Arnica for bruising

– CD or cheap MP3 player/memory stick of songs which were popular during her pregnancy

Obviously the contents of any hamper you give will differ depending on the recipient and what you know they would and wouldn’t like or are unable to use for whatever reason, so the above is very general and you can add in personalised items which mean something to you and your friend. What would you include? Oh and don’t forget to check out my New Baby Hamper post too.