My Top 5 Second Hand Clothing Finds Thrifty & Found

My Top 5 Second Hand Clothing Finds Thrifty & Found

A few years back I decided to turn over a new leaf and shun my fast fashion addiction in favour of an altogether more sustainable approach to style. Second hand clothing is the most sustainable way to shop with the added bonus that it is pretty easy on the wallet, unless like me you can’t resist anything brightly coloured. Then a quick trip into town can leave me broke but laden with clothes. I find the easiest way to shop for second hand clothes is to work out which colours suit you. Once you have this handy piece of knowledge, you can scan a charity shop within seconds to access what pieces will work for you and spot the perfect bargain at a car boot sale from 30 paces. I am not saying that it is not worth having a really good rummage but I rarely have time for that with so many great charity shops in the town that I live and often with a pair of whinging children in tow. For online second hand shopping, you can also search by colour which is a great time saver. Admittedly, egged on by my 5 year old daughter, I often go a little overboard with the colour and end up looking like a children’s TV presenter but then fashion is supposed to be fun isn’t it?

The vintage yellow handbag

The perfect accessory to add colour to a neutral or monochrome outfit, this sixties handbag set me back £4 in a local charity shop. I also love to wear it with a colourful dress, rainbow bright style! (does anyone else remember her, or am I just showing my age now!)

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The fifties dress

I managed to grab this dress (and the red belt) at a clothes swap in London so it effectively cost me nada. I love wearing it as it makes me feel super ladylike.

The crazy print yellow dress 

This one was in the sale in the Oxfam Online shop for £4. I couldn’t resist the print and was delighted to find that both the style and size fitted me perfectly. I think the dress was originally handmade.

The red cardigan 

Red is another one of my favourite colours and whenever I am feeling a little drab, neutral or cold, I wear this cardigan which I snapped up for £3.50 at the local charity shop. It is a cheap synthetic cardigan but as I love the colour I can happily forgive it these sins.

The vintage kimono dressing gown converted into a jacket 

I loved the fabric on this vintage dressing gown far too much to save it for lounging around the house in so I decided to shorten it to make a jacket. I got the dressing gown from a local thrift shop for £5.