Mua Blushed Perfection

Mua Blushed Perfection

You know me – I’m always seeking out a great price and a product which will go that bit further on a budget. Cream blushes, for me anyway, always tend to go that bit further. They last a lot longer on my skin, they blend beautifully and recently I found a bargain ELF one which has perked up my face no end – I even mentioned it in. I’ve always had trouble with powder blushers coming off, even if I’ve spent a lot of money so I’ve been pleased to find good cream blushes slowly but surely filtering into high street shops.



Oh me, oh my. These little jobbies come in at £2 each (£3.2g) and have blown me away. They come in four shades of which I picked up the 2 in shades and honestly I’m in love.


Bittersweet is a pinched cheeks shade of pink. It looks very vivid in the pan but blends – on my fair skin – to give a healthy ‘just been for a walk in the crisp winter air’ glow. It takes a while to build up any real colour from it and I had to add three layers to get it to show up in my swatch – however with a stippling brush I need only make a small sweep across my cheek and I have the right amount.


Dolly (which I think has totally the wrong name by the way – I think Bittersweet should have been named Dolly) looks quite scary to me in the pan, it isn’t the type of shade I’d normally go for. However when I swatched it in Superdrug it had far less of a terracotta orange to it, in fact it showed up a light coral. This shade has a lot more pigmentation than Bittersweet, meaning I can get away with applying with my fingers, although a stippling brush gives a longer lasting finish. This shade gives me a lovely, dewy healthy glow which works perfectly coming into winter when my skin looks anything but.

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The packaging is really fiddly to open. Is it just me who applies their make up whilst half awake and needs something which pops open easily without almost breaking a nail?

The pigmentation in the lighter shades isn’t strong – however see the upsides for more on that.

Whilst it does last without a powder, I’m the type of person who needs a powder on a night out and I feel that somewhat flattened the colour.


The colour is really buildable. At first I was really disappointed with the pigmentation of the shades I picked up. Even on my fair skin they hardly (especially Bittersweet) showed up. However when I applied them with a stippling brush (Real Techniques if you’re wondering) it went on beautifully and was easy to build up without having to apply too much product.

They are designed to match the MUA powder blushers so you can add to them to build up intensity and I actually found this set the colour in place without ‘flattening’ the colour as I mentioned above with regards setting powder.

The dewy look these blushes give is really lovely and means I don’t have to apply further product to achieve that kind of look.

The price point is frankly amazing. These products are as good as the more expensive ELF and Topshop blushers I own. Not quite as good as my Illamasqua ones but given the vast price difference I think I can forgive them that. Have you tried these cream blushes?
Do you have any well priced make up recommendations you’d like to share?