Make Your Own Shower Spray

Make Your Own Shower Spray

Cor sometimes I feel like all I ever blog about is vinegar but honestly if you want to save your cash it really is a wonder product when it comes to cleaning (and lots of other things for that matter). You don’t have to be married, a homeowner or even someone who particularly cares about the cleanliness of their home to be a bit freaked out at the disgusting orange gunk which can build up between tiles in your shower if you don’t clean thoroughly. High street cleaners can cost a small fortune and personally I’d rather use something a little cheaper so I can spend my savings in the pub.

As with most of my other cleaning recipes you’re going to need a spray bottle and some vinegar for starters.

Homemade Shower Cleaner

What you will need –
– A spray bottle
– White distilled vinegar
– Mild washing up liquid
– Salt

– Half fill the spray bottle with white vinegar.
– Fill the bottle up a further 1/4 with washing up liquid.
– Add 1tbsp of salt.
– Shake it (and what your mama gave you). – Shake before every use.

This cleaner is great you can pretty much spray and leave it to get on with it. I tend to spray this on the the shower fittings, screen and tiles when I get out then go about rubbing in body lotion, putting on deodorant etc. before rinsing off quickly with the shower hose. My homemade multi-purpose cleaning spray also works really well for the job but at the moment I’m just preferring this one because our shower is being abused due to Mr Thrifty’s summer sports commitments.

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If you have a particularly grubby shower door or screen I recommend using the following method (however please don’t use this on gold or brass taps)

Take a scrubbing brush and sprinkle the bristles with bicarbonate of soda. Spray the above homemade shower spray on to the screen or door, leave for 30 seconds before running the scrubbing brush lightly over the surface. Work into a light foam, leave for around 15 minutes then rinse with the shower hose. You can use this on tiles or baths but it is very important that you rinse it off after 2 minutes.

This is the Wednesday task from #DHWP – you can read more here.


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