7 Ways to Make Time For Mindfulness at Home

7 Ways to Make Time For Mindfulness at Home

People often confuse meditation for mindfulness. While meditation is a tool of mindfulness, it is not encompassing of the entire process. Mindfulness is about being in the moment, acknowledging every detail and feeling free of judgment. Inactivity is not a requirement of the practice. You can practice mindfulness while looking up shoes for women online as long as you are present. There are at least seven ways to make time for mindfulness in your life.

1. Shift Away From Autopilot While Exercising

An excellent way to practice mindfulness is by combining with another routine activity, preferably something you do on autopilot, like exercising. After years of establishing an exercise routine, like daily running, it is easy to tune out the world, operating on full-scale autopilot, but instead of ignoring the world, put those discount sneakers to work and take in every moment. Think about the way the pavement feels or how the streets sound. Acknowledge everything you can.

2. Take Your Time Waking Up

How quickly do you put those slippers from online shoe stores on your feet in the morning? Are you always in a rush to get out the door? Consider waking up a little earlier, allowing yourself time to wake up. Give yourself a moment to acknowledge the new day, to breathe deep and enjoy being alive. Set aside all stresses of yesterday and embrace the excitement of the coming day.

3. Use Long Lines and Wait Times

Few people enjoy lengthy lines or wait times. Only the most patient people seem to tolerate delays with a smile. Part of being mindful is acknowledging stressors and not allowing them to control your mood. When standing in a line and feeling flustered, take a deep breath, recognize the feeling and let it go. Getting angry will not get you through any faster.

4. Make Time for Daydreaming

Brains naturally wander through thoughts, finding many associations every second. While too much daydreaming affects job performance, the right amount can free you from boredom. Allow your brain to wander a little, but do not lose focus on the present. Give yourself a few minutes to imagine before gently guiding yourself back.

5. Start With Short Intervals

Mindfulness is not a chore when practiced correctly. The burden many people feel has to do with the time limits. Regular mindfulness exercises suggest 20 minutes, but that is too much for a newcomer. Instead, start with only a few minutes at a time. Slowly build your endurance as you would a new exercise.

6. Find a Reminder

Busy individuals often just forget to perform mindfulness exercises. If you find it difficult to remember being mindful, then remind yourself. You can set an alarm, or choose to be mindful during a lunch or coffee break; it’s up to you.

7. Learn To Meditate

Meditation is a brilliant tool for mindfulness because the entire process is about connecting to your mind and body. However, it is a skill that requires practice and discipline. You can find many books on the subject if you are so inclined.

Everyone can use a little more mindfulness in their lives, but finding the time is challenging. Consider starting your mindfulness journey during your next run with a new pair of sneakers.

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