Having Rugs Installed at Your Office? Life Hacks To maintain New Looks for Life-Time

Rugs are very common in office places. They look elegant and can change the looks of your office space. For your visitors, space can be highlighted using designer rugs. These are always welcoming for any office and thus are widely placed at the entry point or the reception.

Daily, Office rugs are exposed to harsh traffic conditions and so dust and debris are very common. You have to take care of them every day and so hiring a professional team is the best option.

You can search online for Commercial rug cleaning in Sydney services. There are expert rug cleaning companies that advertise online as well. You just have to search on your own.

Well maintained rugs often have a long-lasting life span. It also saves you big money n new rugs. You don’t have to compromise on the looks of your office space as well.

Vacuum regularly

Either you hire an expert team or you perform the task on your own, always ensure that rugs are vacuumed daily. If your office receives too much traffic every day, then it is advisable to vacuum at least twice a day.

This will ensure that the dust particles are not allowed to accumulate deep inside the fiber. If the rug is big then you may have to hire a professional team to take care of it.

Rotate regularly

Changing sides of the rug is an important factor so consistent wear can be prevented. Every week, always ensure that the rug is rotated to a new position. This will guarantee that the same side does not have to undergo wear and tear.

To protect colors from fading away it is advisable to maintain blinds during the day time. Office premises in most cases, use blinds indoors.

Avoid placing furniture on rugs

This may not be an issue with office premises as not many offices place furniture on rugs. In general, rugs are placed at the main entrance and so furniture may not be placed near the main entrance of the office.

This will also prevent wear and tear of the rugs very often. Even if you have to place furniture, you can try and make use of a coaster.

Rug pads

For office furniture, rug pads are ideal options. These can be placed as a protective shield under the furniture legs. It prevents depression from forming on the rugs. Pads also offer additional protection and keep furniture safe on the rugs.

For commercial-grade rugs, it is obvious that you should only hire a professional team. It is advisable to avoid making use of chemical-based cleansers. Try and select one that is green and eco friendly. Harsh detergents are also never suggested for commercial grade rugs.

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