Everything You Need to Know About Effective Window Cleaning

Everything You Need to Know About Effective Window Cleaning

All of us have the need to find the ideal approaches to clean windows. There is an abundance of window cleaning items and the variety of indications and tips offered online. All these options will confuse you, and it might be a little hard to find the best ways. Here, we present you a simple, fast, and practical manual for cleaning windows. This is intended with the goal that you have squeaky clean windows all year, for the meager amount of efforts and less cost you could ever think of.


The first step in the cleaning process of windows when there is a lot of dirt is to scrub the glass. You can use the scrubber and work at different angles. This will help you to get all the corners. You need you to get every part of the glass surface. You can dip the scrubber in a cleaning liquid or just water before you start scrubbing. Once you are done with the scrubbing, all the dirt on the surface would have loosened up. You can later use a squeegee and a microfiber cloth to get the best results.


Microfiber material is best suited for wiping your windows as they provide a clean finish. This is mainly because of the tiny fabric structures on the surface of the material. If your windows are given a customary wipe then and there and if they are not very dirty, you can basically utilize a wet microfibre piece of fabric, wipe it and then a dry piece of cloth to get a squeaky clean finish. The upside to this material is that these pieces of cloth can be put in the washer and dried so that they will be prepared for using next time. Thus it is a  decently eco-accommodating method for cleaning windows. 


A window squeegee is the best piece of window cleaning equipment one could own. If you have a window with a lot of dirt and sediments, you can utilize a squeegee and clean it thoroughly and later you can dry the windows with your microfibre fabric. This way, you can take care of business significantly quicker. Start by cleaning the foamy water on with a rough wipe, at that point wash the windows with clean water; use the squeegee to get the corners. This way, you can clean hardened sediments with ease. The best way to move the squeegee is to make horizontal strokes across the glass. If you are convenient with vertical strokes, make sure that you direct the excess water towards the uncleaned part of the window surface.


Vinegar was used to clean windows back in the day when there were no fancy cleaning solutions. It is still used as an extremely viable solution to get rid of tough dirt. Vinegar is better because it is completely harmless and even has anti-bacterial properties. To make your very own vinegar-based window cleaning solution, add few spoons of white vinegar or apple vinegar to a little cup of warm water. You can dip this solution with your microfiber cloth and wipe your windows clean. If the dirt on the windows is hard to remove, put the vinegar-water solution in a shower container, and apply to the glass. Leave it for a couple of minutes before you start wiping. This way, the vinegar will soak in the dirt and will make the cleaning process easier.


It is a great idea to vacuum the sides of your windows using a window vac every now and then. If you make this a habit, the glass surface will not develop stubborn dirt. Hence, when you go for deep cleaning like once a month, it will be a lot easier for you to clean the windows. Choose a compact window vac. This way, you will be able to get the corners of the windows quickly, and it will be convenient to carry it around. You can get a cordless vacuum that has excellent battery capacity. 



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