It’s Not Christmas Until…

It’s Not Christmas Until…

If you find yourself on Twitter during the month of December you’ll see lots of tweets starting with ‘It’s not Christmas until…’ rounded off with which film, advert or ritual kicks off the Christmas-y feeling deep inside that person. For me it’s music, without hearing certain songs that deep sense of Christmas having arrived just well, never arrives.To me that song, my ‘it’s not Christmas until…’ is Let It Snow by Dean Martin. Until the moment I hear that song all of my Christmas-y feeling is a charade. I have to hear it organically the first time, I can’t play the CDs or records with it on until I hear it on the TV, in a pub or booming out of a shopping centre sound system. As soon as I hear it Christmas has arrived. I’m not sure how or why my Christmas is dictated by this song it just IS.Here are some of my other favourite Christmas songs, in no particular order. Most of them are from the seventies and eighties so I don’t remember Christmas without them, they are all my Christmas memories rolled into one festive mix tape.

  • Last Christmas By Wham!
  • Don’t Even Judge Me.
  • Mary’s Boychild By Boney M
  • I Like This One Mainly For The Insane Dancing From Bobby Farrell. The Man Is A Genius.
  • Do They Know It’s Christmas By Band Aid
  • Just Because. You Know, You Know.
  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday By Wizard
  • Despite Worrying About When We’d Find Time To Buy Gifts And The Fear Of Spending Every Morning In
  • Church, If We Had Christmas Everyday, This Was My Favourite Christmas Song As A Child.
  • Happy Xmas (War Is Over) By John Lennon
  • War Is Over, If You Want It…
  • I remember our teacher having us sing this at a school assembly and the priest getting in a strop because the message wasn’t ‘appropriate.’
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Merry Christmas Everyone By Shakin’ Stevens

This reminds me of a ‘fake Christmas’ I spent with my uni flatmates before we went home to our families for Christmas. I can laugh until my belly hurts just thinking about it. A tip from me to you is – turn the oven on when cooking Christmas lunch or you’ll be starving at 9pm

And My Favourite Christmas Carols…

  • Coventry Carol
  • I Cry Everytime, Everytime, I Hear This.
  • One In Royal David’s City
  • Insanely Beautiful, This King’s College Version Especially.
  • O Holy Night
  • On Repeat For Much Of Christmas Eve.
  • Ding Dong Merrily On High!

Everytime I listen to this it reminds me of church services and long journeys across the country to visit friends and relatives with the CD player turned up as loud as it would go. Turns out Mr Thrifty and I are no match for the choir, no matter how hard we try.

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