Is Summer The Best Time To Buy Your Winter Coat

Is Summer The Best Time To Buy Your Winter Coat

If you want to get the most bang for you buck, I think now (mid summer) is the best time to buy a coat. Here’s why –

1. Many people have a clear out of their old winter clothes during their spring clean and consequently give old items (often coats) to charity shops. Not all charity shops directly sell the clothes they are given – they may be re-distributed to areas where that particular style or designer sells for a better price. This takes time and as such, I seem to see more coats creeping into charity shops around this time of year rather than in the spring clean time frame.

2. Same as above when it comes to clearing out wardrobes. Most people tend to do it in spring but typically their ‘I must bung this on eBay’ pile goes untouched for a number of months. The need for extra spending money for summer holidays spurs on a summer upload of winter goodies to eBay.

3. Apparently the World Cup has contributed to a vast surge in the amount of women uploading items to auction sites. With the tournament over, it’s well worth having a check to see what you can find from the listings push of the final night. This Sunday will be one week after the final, so set an alarm on your phone to check for coats this Sunday – you never know what bargains you might find.

4. High street shops are about to get in their new A/W lines and want to clear out their old stock. The sales are bustling with lovely coats which, if you’re in need of a winter coat, are prime to be snatched up right now.

What to look for?

– Make sure to look for classic styles in colours which stay in style for years to come. Classics such as black, grey, navy, brown and even khaki always remain style staples as do macs, single breasted wool coats and pea coats.

– If an item is selling at a great price, fits like a dream but isn’t quite perfect in style it is worth considering changing things like buttons, trims or even having the length altered.

– Look for good, breathable fabrics which will stand up to plenty of use.

– If you’re buying second hand make sure to check the armpits for unsavoury scents and ensure the lining and seams are well put together and holding fast.

Best discount coats right now:

1. Parka was £55.00

2. Faux leopard fur was £60.00

3. Military coat was £75.00

4. Camel overcoat was £275

5. Hooded military jacket

6. Geometric biker coat was £45.00

7. Trenchcoat was £29.99

9. Two tone drape was £75.00  – MAKING ME SWOON!

So what do you think, is now the perfect time to buy your winter coat? Have you found any bargains?