Introducing Ebay Collections

Introducing Ebay Collections

eBay Collections allows users to create their very own themed and styled collections within their account. If you’ve been reading A Thrifty Mrs for a while you’ll know how much of an eBay addict I am, so the thought of nice, neat and organised collections to ‘curate’ are very exciting to me. In total I’ve created a lot of twenty collections (here) featuring all manner of fab finds and I’ll be updating them on a regular basis.

I know how daunting big sites like eBay can be so I’ve made sure my eBay Collections show only the very best of value.

Here are some of my favourite finds from my collections.

Honey Honey eBay Collection

Florals for spring? Ground breaking.

Budget Beauty

I’d love to hear which of my collections you like best, you can check them all out in one place here. And if you’ve created eBay collections of your own do of course let me know so I can have good poke around.Are you an eBay fan?

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